Fun day…

January 14, 2007 at 5:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Today was fun. I love how friends add so much to your life. I ran by Jamie’s today and saw the boys and I loved how they were having jammy day, then I stopped by the Cosby’s and they were having renovation day. Tonight Laura and I went to Amanda Jones bday party at her and Mel’s apt and that was great to see everybody. Friends are just fun.

I was thinking about how blessed my life is. I have been blessed with some really sweet friendships. I love how friends can be thousands of miles apart but the friendship never changes. My friend Candace just moved to Colorado to start a new exciting chapter of her life and Lacey is in Vancouver or however you spell that and I am so excited to see where God takes her and what He does in her life. My sweet Ginger is in Dallas and God has blessed her so much with a new job. Rachel and Susanna are in Houston (with all the good food) with new babies 🙂 Shaunna and Amanda Shwortz (haha) are 30 mins away in Nashville and Erin and Tracy are in Franklin. Jamie, Laura, Tamara and I are here in Murfreesboro and I know for me I find myself wishing that everyone could be in one place.

Its so fun to meet more and more friends though. I have found that I thrive the best when I am around people and especially great friends that will push me, laugh with me and just hang out. My favorite times in my life are always with my friends and family.
It would be so easy to just surround yourself with your best friends all the time. I guess that is a part of what Heaven will be one day. I know it is so much more than that obviously but just the aspect of having everyone together and never feeling separation again would be wonderful. I know that I am so encouraged everytime I am around each one of my friends and even meeting new friends. Just to see how God uses us all where we are at. We are all different and unique with different gifts and yet we are all used. I am just really thankful for you all.



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  1. i miss you! sorry i haven’t called. you do have my new number right? maybe i can try to call you tomorrow. i’d love to talk.

  2. I love you my sweet friend!

  3. You, my dear, are a rare breed…I do believe we need more of you! I love you!!

  4. i would rather have YOU here than all the good food in Houston!!!

  5. this is sweet and so true…

    but it makes me miss you and, if it weren’t for the amazing job, i’d be back home in a heartbeat!

    you’re the best. 🙂

  6. this is shaunna, i can’t get this comment thing to work! anyway, i love how different friends bring out different qualities i have. thank you, maris, for adding to who i am. i am a better “me” because of your friendship! love you!!!

  7. Maris, you are too sweet!! You crack me up and I love the last name spell. Just ask Jamie, she is really good at spelling it now!! haha. 🙂 Im so thankful for YOU!

  8. awww!! I miss you!!

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