“Not by works”

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“For is it by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”               Eph 2:8-10

There is a lot in these 2 verses and I don’t know that I have ever realized it. Some important things really jumped off the page to me this morning.

*Saved=through faith

*It is a gift from God- I think about precious gifts from God in my life- my husband, family, friends and want so badly for a baby. My salvation is at the top of these precious gifts. A gift that I could never repay.

*A gift given not through works so that no one can boast. This puts us all on the same page. He leveled the playing field. There is no way that any of us is greater than the other. No competition. We are all equal. None of us earned Salvation. I am just as important as a woman dying from hunger/poverty on the other side of the world. She is no better or worse than I. There is nothing that either of us can do to earn our salvation. We just have to accept this free gift through faith.

*He did this so that no one can boast. We are without an excuse to boast. There is no boasting about our Salvation or good works because we didn’t earn anything with them in the first place. It is a gift. We are all the same.

*The biggest part that jumped out at me this morning= we were not saved BY our good works but saved FOR our good works. We are created to do good works. This is our purpose- to do good works through Jesus which he has already prepared for us to do. He has things ready for us to do. Its just a matter of us realizing our purpose and walking into those good works. They don’t save us but we were created for them!

Jesus what are the good works you have for me today?


Thinking about some precious people in my life

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I can’t believe that I am writing this blog but with all that we have going on this summer and baby stuff I have finally come to the conclusion that we need to get rid of our cat. I love her dearly but I don’t want her crawling all over our baby bed/stroller. We are just to busy right now and I don’t want her by herself most of the summer. If anyone is interested in giving our sweet cat a new home please let me know! She is great once she gets to know you and doesn’t do well with other pets. Does anybody have any ideas other than taking her to the pound. That thought breaks my heart!!

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Missing my man

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I am really missing my man today. I love beautiful Saturdays but somehow I have found myself being extrememly unproductive. This week that he has been gone has flown by because I have been so busy but today it just seems to creep by until he gets home. We have a packed week next week. He is flying to get his teeth done and flying back in the same day, we have our awaited homestudy on Wednesday and then next weekend we are driving to Texas and off to the first camp of the summer! I am longing for life to slow down a little bit. It is always busy right around this time of the year. Steven was supposed to have the whole month of May off but I think we have managed to pack so many things in that I don’t feel like its been very restful. I feel like we have been busy since January and it hasn’t stopped. What will my life be like in August or September? I am ready to find out but I am trying to take advantage of each day.

We have been so blessed with baby stuff within the last couple of weeks. We now have a beautiful baby bed, an awesome stroller/car seat, a sturdy pack n play that I love and lots of clothes and diapers! Last weekend I got some great gifts at our shower. Sometimes I just walk into the room that I have all of it it and just go through it. How can something be so close but so far away feeling? I am just so ready. We will get there I know but my arms are longing to hold and take care of a baby. I hope you all are having an ok weekend. Its been a heavy week for me personally. It just seems like a lot of loss here lately. I am trying to remind myself that our lives are so fragile. It seems like all I want to do today is hold my husband and tell him that I love him. Baby I am so ready for you to be home!

70 years to change the world

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At work during my breaks I have been walking through a cemetary right beside the hospital. It started off with just me wanting to get out of that cramped office and became a great time of reflection for me. This cemetary is beautiful. It has big beautiful trees and has many beautiful statues with beautiful flowers. The last couple of days I have noticed a common thread throughout the headstones. I noticed that the majority of people lived about an average of 70 years. 70 years. Some of these graves date back to the early 1800’s. There are hundreds of people buried there. There are names and families all buried together. They were real people that had ambitions and desires. They had hopes and dreams. Now their bodies lay in the ground and their time is over. It made me think about how many years people have existed on this planet. Sometimes I think I can feel invinsible and like I am here to change the world. I could have just 70 short years. I may have 70 short hours.

In these 25 years that I have been on this earth I have acquired many hopes and dreams for myself. Not bad dreams, good ones that make a difference in someone’s life. In this time I have become very passionate about these things and have realized that I have made my life almost revolve around these hopes and dreams. Again these are good things. They are all I think about. I really really want to make a difference in this life. They have formed a wall around me and I am standing in the middle of them. I can’t help but think what if our country had a massive earthquake and swallowed me up and I died instantly. With me also died my hopes and dreams for my life. Useless. Over. Gone. In a different place. If I am going to be honest I can tell you that there is a dark sadness that falls on my heart at that thought. I wouldn’t want to die unless all of my dreams were lived out. How incredibly selfish is that thought? It makes me really examine my life. I want a life of comfort. I want a life where my kids that are adopted from all over the world and my amazing husband and I frolic through a field of yellow flowers wearing white linen shirts and having the time of our lives. I want what I want for my life. Does this mean that I don’t love God? No. I do. The older I get its becoming harder and harder to embrace the life he has for me. That could mean that my husband could die in a tragic car accident tomorrow. IF I am living my life for me that would be the beginning of my dreams shattered.

My question is- HOW do I shift my thinking from my dreams to embracing whatever God throws our way and trusting that his plan is better even if it means tragic death. He is God. My life is in his hands anyway- so why do I waste so much time thinking my life is in my own hands?
I am really having a hard time prying my hands off of this subject with God and I. I feel inadequete to let go of these dreams. If I give them up they may not happen. How do I learn how to stop making the world revolve around me in my head? This blog isn’t completed yet but I just wanted to throw some thoughts out there.

I could never ask for better friends

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This morning as I skip church and sit here in my favorite chair my thoughts are flooded with how absolutely precious the friends are in my life. Today we have our first baby shower for August. That in itself is such a blessing. My sweet friends are so excited and it is so humbling that they would throw a shower for us. I am so so excited. My sweet mother in law came in town bearing gifts from all of the family. I had a mini shower the other night when she got in. Their love and support means the world to us! I can’t believe I have baby stuff in my house already! I have kicked Steven out of his closet and put August’s stuff in there 🙂

I have thought for the last several weeks that this shower would not be complete without my best friend being here. I would NEVER ask her to fly here for that but of course my friends made it happen and she surprised me yesterday and flew in. It feels complete now. Ginger, Sandra and I went out to eat with my parents last night and it was such a sweet time of talking, laughing and great food from Pei Wei. I love my parents dearly and it means the world to see excitement in their eyes for this child. I then had to take them to Julia’s Bakery!!!  It was a great end to the day!

I adore my sweet husband. He has been so supportive and loving. He worked so hard to get Ginger here and that means the world. I love sharing this experience with him. I am seeing his heart long more and more for a child. I am so excited to see him as a father. I am overwhelmed with love and support and we haven’t even been to the shower yet. I just wanted to tell all of you thank you. I love you so much and can’t wait for you to see August!

Love is a funny thing. Its amazing how you can feel love and give love. Its cool to sit and think about how you can give that love back to the people that have given it to you. It reminds me of love from our Father. He created love. He is love. He is the reason we can love. Today is a celebration of love. Love for this child who is not here yet but has been dreamed about countless times. It is a day to celebrate friendships and all be together. Thank you Lord for love. Our lives would be so hollow without it. I love love!! 🙂

Saturday Morning Breakfast

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It is a joy of mine to get up Saturday morning and fix something for breakfast. It can be small like muffins or pancakes. I was craving pancakes this morning and I went to the pantry and pulled out the Bisquick box only to find that you need eggs to make pancakes!! I know that I am not crazy- there was a day when you didn’t have to use eggs for Bisquick! I remember just putting water in it and making pancakes. We used to do this when I was a kid! Does anybody else remember this???? We settled for toast 🙂

Now off to do A LOT of housework!! I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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