I voted for…

April 25, 2007 at 3:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Tonight for the first time ever I voted during American Idol. I decided because I was “inspired” to help starving kids in Africa and America. Great cause. Good call Simon on this show. Oh yes, I voted twice for Jordin Sparks. The girlz got Skillz!! I will be honest I was crying by the end of her song. Steven is just convinced that it costs money. Maybe it does. I only voted twice 🙂

Steven’s birthday is Thursday!! He is getting old 🙂
I am sure he would love a call from each and everyone of his friends on Thursday, wink wink 🙂
It is also Ginger’s Birthday. I am sure she would love a call also.
I love my 2 favorite people on this earth! (My parents excluded!)



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Thanks to Ginger I have a new blog for this morning.
Forgive me as I vent for a moment….
Did everyone know that there is a Godtube out there?
REALLY? SERIOUSLY! Why oh why do we have to copy everything that the world does?
Why could you not freakin call it something else?? Why?!
Why does everything have to be cheesy?
Do we think God is cheesy?
I don’t know, maybe I just think my friends and I are the cool kids in the
cafeteria. That could be something wrong with me but I still don’t think its
an excuse for the chrisian world to be so freakin cheesy.

My Sweet Husband…

April 3, 2007 at 3:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Well yesterday while I was at work Steven had a busy day! Our church has relocated their office and Steven, Aaron and Jimmie went to help them move. (Which I thought was really sweet since it is their time off) My mom and dad are getting their house ready to put on the market soon and Sunday we went over to celebrate my dad’s 50? somthing birthday. Man he is getting old! Anyway they gave us some of my grandmother’s rosebush, iris’s, and an oak tree to plant in our yard. I was so excited because the rosebush and iris’ both came from my grandmother who passed about a year or so ago. She was awesome at yard work and I wish she was still around to teach me everything she knows about sewing and yardwork. It means a lot to me to have a little bit of her personality in my yard… just makes me think of her.

ANYWAY, I digress….So while I was at work, Steven cut our grass and planted everything in the yard and it looks great! I can’t wait for it all to bloom. He works so hard on the maintence of our yard and house and I appreciate so much that he is so handy.

So after I got home and was so proud of what he had done to the yard we started cooking dinner together. I love this! We had boiled shrimp, baked fries, and ranch style beans (a Texas dinner). it was dark by the time we had dinner done and he mentioned that he wanted to eat outside. While I finished up inside he went outside on our deck and got the table ready. When I came out he had set the table up and had candles and our favorite love songs playing on the ipod speakers! It was so sweet and romantic!! After dinner we spontaniously started dancing under the stars to “My Girl.” Ok… I know this is getting mushy but I just had to brag on my sweet husband.

Baby I love you so much and appreciate that you are so spontanious and romantic. I love you more everyday.

I tried to take pictures but they looked dumb with the flash and were to dark without it.

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