Wife Swap

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So tonight I watched Wife Swap. I will occasionally watch this show when there is nothing else on T.V. When you have 5 channels sometimes that is the best you can do. Tonight they had 2 very different families. One of them was ULTRA Conservative Christians and the other was Athiest “Free thinkers.” I will be honest, I loved the free thinkers. This woman came into this ultra conservative home and loved on their kids. She was so positive and encouraged them to express themselves. “Big Mama” went into the free thinkers household and started preaching. Why Why Why do they always pick families that judge before they love. She had great intentions and wanted them to experience God but she went about it the wrong way. She tried to force God on them and then of course they lashed out against God. The Free thinking mom talked about growing up in a mormon household and she was told never to question anything but just believe. When one of the christian kids spoke up to ask a question he was immediately shot down. They had a question and answer time with their dad later on in the show- he said that he has never really let them ask questions. He learned a lot about his kids and found out that they did not have to be so insanely strict on them. They are great kids and just needed to be trusted a little. The teenage daughter, because of this show, was allowed to go on her first “group date.” Oh gosh I went on so many stinkin group dates in college that the very sound of that phrase makes me cringe sometimes. I mean they were good, but oh gosh. Sorry, I digress.

I think one day I would like to sign up for this show. I would love to first of all have a family with different colors and races blended together and second love the heck out of the other family and see what happens. What if your whole goal was to go on the show and serve them and love them first? Honestly, the show probably would not get aired because they would think it would be boring. No casting out demons and waving my hands in the air screaming, “Glory, Hallelujah!!”

Anyway, off to do some major laundry. I will ponder upon my presence on Wife Swap. Hope everyone is having a wonderful night!


Well this is the end…

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We have been in Giddings Texas all week at Camp Tejas for Sagemont Church in Houston. It has been such a peaceful, relaxing week with God, my husband and great friends!

It is now 1:40 in the morning on Saturday night and I am here at Steven’s parents house waiting about 12 hours and then I will be flying home. It is all so bittersweet. Outside of our honeymoon I have spent the best week with my husband. We have been together for 7 straight days, all day, everyday. We slept in everyday and had the day to just hang out and be adventerous. I love my job but oh my gosh how wonderful it is to get away and join in my husband’s world for a little while. This week we stayed up late with friends every night and ate a ton of food. What a wonderful week. Pictures will come later!

I also had an amazing week with God. I feel once again that my struggles are in His hands and I was able to rest and really worship Him for who He is this week. I am so thankful for struggles. It has reminded me of how amazing it feels to have your feet off of the ground, not knowing what lies ahead and trusting that He is guiding us daily to where He wants us. He has chased me down and renewed my love for Him this week.

Now I will try and get some sleep. I hope my cat is still alive when I get home! Oh how I love my house- I miss it so much!!

Thank you Steven for an amazing week with you. Our time was so precious. You are my best friend and I am so excited to walk through this journey with you. You have surpassed my expectations of marriage. I love you babe 🙂


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Yes that is right I finished my Tae Bo dvd!! It hurts but I did it!!

Who is the Celebrity now?!?!?!

Tae Bo

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Have I ever told any of you how much I love tae bo? Well I do. It will kick your tale!! I have been looking for a new dvd and I went to Walmart the other day and the only one that I could find was the, “Look like a celebrity.” I resent looking like a celebrity but it was either that one or not one at all. I was cracking up because during the video he will say, “Who’s the Celebrity now? Who looks like a celebrity?” It just cracks me up. I also crack myself up by learning the new moves. I had to close the blinds the other day for fear that someone might see me. I would die if Steven saw me! I am about to start it again. Ohh its going to hurt, but I can do it!

I never went to Mammath Cave. Darn.

I laid out by the pool this afternoon for the first time this summer. Trust me I needed it. I plan on going again tomorrow.

Ginger sent me the cutest shirt in the mail. How sweet is that? I bet everyone would love a sister that does sweet things like that for you!?

I am off to camp in a couple of days. This is my one and only full camp that I am going to. I just put all my marbles on one camp this summer and I think i picked the best one! I am so so excited.

I cannot stop thinking about adoption. Everytime I see an african american little boy I get so choked up. It doesn’t help that our 6-8 year old boys at work are the CUTEST kids you have ever seen. They seemed to flock around me more than usual today. One of them drew me a picture, smiled at me, laid it on my desk and ran off. Sometimes I think God puts them up to this.

Alright- off to do Tae Bo

So I think I might be going to Mammoth Cave tomorrow…

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I am a little nervous. In college my friends and I would always do crazy stuff. I loved it. One night we went out hiking with a big group looking for water falls and had no idea where we were going. It was an adventure. Of course it was always fun when you just get to college and are getting to know these cute boys that want to take you on this exciting adventure! We left, got lost, found the falls, got down to one flashlight but safely returned. We did this many more times and it was some of my best memories from college. The dumbest thing I have ever done in my life would be the day that I jumped off of a 50 foot cliff. My friend Monica and I were going to hold hands and jump off together. At the last moment one of the guys suggested that it would be safer if we did not hold hands. PRAISE GOD HE SAID THIS! We counted to 3 and ran and I went and she stayed. My feet hit the water flat footed and I thought I had broken them. It hurt so bad. My bathing suit was up to my shoulders but I was alive. I looked up and saw my friend Monica waving to me from the top. Could you imagine what would have happened if we were holding hands and I went for it and she stayed? There were huge rocks that you had to clear on your way down and I venture to say that I would not have cleared them. I honestly do not like to think about this moment of my life. Again I did this to impress the guy I was dating. Girls- If you are dating and you feel as if you need to impress someone and doing something like this would impress him then YOU DON’T NEED TO BE WITH HIM!!! Lesson learned.

Anyway all this to say that we did crazy stuff in college but one night they knocked on my door and asked me to go caving with a big group of people. I will be honest- I DO NOT like the dark (I still have a night light 🙂 and I DO NOT like to be in small confined spaces. Plus again they had no idea where they were going!! I said no and stayed in my nice spacious room and went to bed while my friends across the hall went. They were not supposed to be gone long. I woke up and called her to see if she was back and she said that they had gotten lost and did not get home until like 5 that morning. She said that it was the most scared she had ever been and they did not know if they were going to get out. They were gone for like 7-8 hours. I think I would have been rocking back and forth and in my happy place if that were me.

Needless to say there is a strong possiblity that I will be going to Mammath Cave tomorrow with the kids. I have never been caving. Tonight I will be packing my survivor kit- matches, bottled water, cpr mask, flashlight, Bible, and whatever else I can think of. I am nervous. Surely it will be safe though right? I mean we wouldn’t be taking kids if not. I just don’t like the dark and I like my space. Anyway I am making sure my house is nice and clean before I leave. I love you all- wish me luck!!

Hotel Rwanda

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I hate sin. I hate evil. I hate this world and what it does to people. I hate our comfortable lives here in America where we sit back and do nothing. I hate my fear when I watch a movie like this. I hate that my flesh would rather fade into the crowd than do something. I hate the fact that in the movie these white reporters showed some graphic deadly scenes to a man from Rwanda and he was relieved that they got the footage because maybe people would actually do something to help out. The reporters response was, “They wil probably watch this and say to themselves, wow that is horrible and then go back to eating their dinner.” What does all of this materialism do to us? We are fools. We are blind and wrapped up in its snare. We are caught in its trap. I want to make a difference in this world. How the hell do I do this? Where do I start? Anything is better than not doing anything. When can I just let go?

Watch this movie. You will walk away with a new perspective. My thoughts are with Haiti. How my heart burns for that country. However I find that America is in the same boat. My heart burns for both.

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