It was a great morning

January 21, 2007 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I am so thankful for our Church!! Steven and I have been without a Church for about 3 years now. (A year before we were married and now 2 years together) We looked and looked for a church that we could be plugged into that would put the right emphasis on the right things. We had almost given up. We have been attending this new church for a couple of months now and every week I love it more and more. It is refreshing, so exciting, and challenging. Every week I feel like I have my butt kicked and yet I feel more encouraged to keeping running in this race to the finish line.
This morning we started a series on generous living. We are going through stewardship and living a life of generosity. Everytime I hear the word stewardship, I like most everybody else think about money. I am learning that stewardship is so much more than money. We are not owners of our possesions, we are merely managers. I own nothing. What do I have that was not given to me? Do I truly value what has been given to me? Just a thought- Is my value of our house reflected by the cleanliness of it? Would people in my life say that I am truly thankful for what God has given me and it is reflected by how I manage those things?
I want so badly to live a life of generosity! However to many times I find myself wanting to hoard what God has given us and to covet what God has blessed somebody else with. I find myself always wanting the next thing. I am really looking forward to the next 6 weeks of this series. I hope that God changes my views and allows me to fall deeper in love with a lifestyle of generosity and stewardship. I want my life to be a reflection of the generosity of Christ laying down everything in obediance. God has been so generous to each of us. We are truly rich! What will we do with these riches?


Grey’s Anatomy…

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So Steven and I just watched Grey’s together. That was not an easy episode to watch. Does it make anybody want to call their dad and tell them how much they love him and confess all the things you ever did wrong without telling him? Oh my gosh, how much do I absolutely treasure my precious parents. Good grief, it was a little emotional. I could not hold back the tears. (I am sure that is not shocking to any of you)

Fun day…

January 14, 2007 at 5:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Today was fun. I love how friends add so much to your life. I ran by Jamie’s today and saw the boys and I loved how they were having jammy day, then I stopped by the Cosby’s and they were having renovation day. Tonight Laura and I went to Amanda Jones bday party at her and Mel’s apt and that was great to see everybody. Friends are just fun.

I was thinking about how blessed my life is. I have been blessed with some really sweet friendships. I love how friends can be thousands of miles apart but the friendship never changes. My friend Candace just moved to Colorado to start a new exciting chapter of her life and Lacey is in Vancouver or however you spell that and I am so excited to see where God takes her and what He does in her life. My sweet Ginger is in Dallas and God has blessed her so much with a new job. Rachel and Susanna are in Houston (with all the good food) with new babies 🙂 Shaunna and Amanda Shwortz (haha) are 30 mins away in Nashville and Erin and Tracy are in Franklin. Jamie, Laura, Tamara and I are here in Murfreesboro and I know for me I find myself wishing that everyone could be in one place.

Its so fun to meet more and more friends though. I have found that I thrive the best when I am around people and especially great friends that will push me, laugh with me and just hang out. My favorite times in my life are always with my friends and family.
It would be so easy to just surround yourself with your best friends all the time. I guess that is a part of what Heaven will be one day. I know it is so much more than that obviously but just the aspect of having everyone together and never feeling separation again would be wonderful. I know that I am so encouraged everytime I am around each one of my friends and even meeting new friends. Just to see how God uses us all where we are at. We are all different and unique with different gifts and yet we are all used. I am just really thankful for you all.


January 10, 2007 at 4:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Sorry its been so long. We have been in the process of selling one computer and buying another one for me… Tonight is the first night I have it and I am so excited! Thanks Aaron.

We have been busy through the holidays with family here at our house. Steven’s parents and his brother came to Murfreesboro and stayed at our house for Christmas. We hung out with my family and did all the “Christmas stuff.” We really had an amazing time with both of our families. This Christmas was very special. This was the first year that Steven and I had a house to decorate and have people stay with us. We are more and more thankful for our house everyday.

After Christmas the Spur family went to Gatlinburg. The guys were playing at a big confrence there and it was a great excuse for us all to get away and have some fun. Aaron and Jamie were so sweet to work it out for all of us to stay in a cabin together. We had fun all cooking together and hanging out.

Anyway I am going to try and do better at this blog thing:)

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