One more child …

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My sweet friend Laura from college is getting on a plane and heading to Ethiopia to bring home their little boy! I am so excited for them! That is one more child who has a family! Check out her blog and her incredible creations here.


9 months already??

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Dear August,

Today you are 9 months old! I can’t believe its been that long. As I sit here thinking of our precious time together as a family, I am overwhelmed with love for you. I am so thankful for our family. You were the missing piece that we longed for. Everyday that we waited for you seemed to slowly drag by and now that you are in our lives it seems the days go by so quickly. You were worth every tear, every moment waiting and I would do it all over again just for you. We are crazy in love you!

I have loved watching your little personality come out. You are still so laid back like your daddy! You are curious and always wanting to explore everything. You will sit and play by yourself totally intrigued by something you have found. You are incredibly strong willed! I am still trying to figure out how to channel that one. 🙂 You are determined and will keep trying until you get what you want. Everyday we get to see more and more of who you are.

I love your big hugs, your huge beautiful eyes and your big smiles that show lots of teeth. I love when you crawl over to your daddy and I and pull up on our leg for us to hold you. I love your giggles and laughs. I love that you feel loved by us playing and spending quality time with you. (If you would like to cuddle a little more with us we would gladly welcome it!!) I love seeing you standing up in your bed waiting on me to get you after nap. I love how you hold on to me after I get you out of bed. I love watching you play with your favorite toys. I love driving around town and looking back at you in your car seat and catching you staring at me. I love that you like it when I sing to you! I adore your curls and the way your hair smells after we put your hair stuff in it. I like it when you follow me around the house while I am cleaning. I love watching you stand up and how proud you are of yourself. I could go on and on…I just love you!

I have seen a different side come out of your daddy. It is beautiful to see his love for you! You adore your daddy! Every step he takes you are watching. You love to wrestle with him and nobody does it quite like him. We laugh at you all the time. You have brought more strength to our marriage and love for each other. We absolutely adore you!

We are so proud of you and so excited for everyday we have together. I pray that you will find God early and live a life of adventure chasing after Him. I pray that you will dream big dreams and chase after them. I pray that you will always have confidence in the way God made you and use the gifts that are in you. You are already such a joyful child!

We love you August Henry Bush and are so thankful for the last 9 months!!!





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