Remembering college days…

October 8, 2007 at 4:02 am | Posted in Life, Memories | 2 Comments

This weekend I went back to a very familiar place to me. My brother attends the same college that I did a couple of years ago. He plays in the marching band and I have not been to any of his games and I felt like I needed to go and support him.

Driving through Cookeville to get to Tech was very nostalgic for me. My mind was flooded with memories and a feeling of freedom that I once felt before. College for me (like a lot of other people) was a place that I could start over with new friends and something that was all mine. The friends I made in college will have such a deep place in my heart. As we drove onto the campus I couldnt help but see my friends faces with backpacks on walking to and from class. I remembered laughing and loving running into people on campus. I remember meeting all my friends for lunch and hanging out on the quad when I should be heading to class. I remember piling into a car with a bunch of girls and the excitement we had as we drove over to the guys dorms to see what they could be up to. I remember everybody’s crushes and my great girlfriends. I remember falling in and out of love. I remember the dorms and the fun girls nights we had in those rooms. I remember going on hikes at night and not having a clue where we were going! I look at the library and I should remember studying but more than that I remember my sweet God time as I would take my cd player, my Bible and hide myself up in the top of the library tucked away so that no one would disturb me. As you can tell my college experience was ALL social. I honestly didn’t care so much about grades. I did what i needed to to get by but my college days were all about friends and having fun. If I were to go back I honestly don’t think I would change that.

I love my college experience because it was a part of my life that I can’t explain to anyone. It was a time for growth. It was not always easy but worth finding out on my own. I find myself being the dreamer that I am and realizing how much I loved those times but as I walked by myself around that campus again I realized that I have moved on. Some of my friends are still there to this day but I am a different person. I feel like a grownup now. I have a husband that loves me and a deep desire for a child in our home. Most of my friends have families and kids and there own lives. My friendships have gone from having a bunch to a few but those friendships are so deep. I will always remember those times and the feelings I felt. I am so thankful for everyone who made my college experience what it was. Thanks for the memories and the friendships.



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  1. Well, I am nearing the end of my graduation days in India, and let me tell you even before that dead day arrives after 4 months from now, I am already feeling the pain. All those friends with whom I had fun, with whom I did projects, traveled to different locations for project works, spend a lot of time together, I would love to tell that as long as I live, I will have them deeply engrossed in my heart. Its as good as childhood memories. I dont know where they will be. Everybody will have a sweet home in this big world, in which street, I dont know, but still I will remember them. I am not sure if they will remember me, but I will do the same. I never compromised on studies, but the memories are memories.

    If fortune permits, I will meet them again someday and its my dream to meet all of them at college where again I will reach before time than others, as usually it happens now. Its a very very bad feeling that brings tears to my heart, but I have to face it that one day college period ends.

    This also taught me to respect women more. They forget all these and with dedication start a new life where ever her husband lives. This is quite tough. In India that is usually a painful social ritual to cry when the girl is leaving with husband. I thought that what the hue and cry now with the modern technologies like phone and internet, but now I realize that its indeed a big thing.

    I would end this comment ( which rather looks like the article ) that I still hope someday, somewhere in this big world, I would meet my college friends for the good.

  2. i am in same situation final year of my engineering… 6 months away from that painful time….

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