Thoughts from MLK

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“It has been my conviction ever since reading Rauschenbusch that any religion that professes concern for the souls of men and is not equally concerned about the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them, and the social conditions that cripple them is a spiritually moribund (1. in a dying state, near death 2. on the verge of extinction or termination 3. not progressing or advancing, stagnant) religion only waiting for the day to be buried. It well has been said, “A religion that ends with the individual, ends.” -MLK

Why would we be concerned about the souls of others and not their lives here? ARE we concerned about the souls of others? Are we concerned for their lives here?

We should be recognized for our love for souls and our love for life here!

Any thoughts from this quote? I have many more but would love to hear yours!

Is the reason we feel stagnant in life because we are so focussed on ourselves and not the lives of others?


O’Charley’s family

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If you live in the boro you might have heard that on Wednesday O’Charley’s is donating ALL the money they receive to the family that lost their husband/father in a tragic shooting that took the life of the O’Charley’s manager. Our office has decided to order food that day and it would be a great way to help this family out with expenses. He left behind his wife and I believe 2 kids. So if you are in the area stop by the O’Charley’s on Memorial and give this family some support!

My husband amazes me…

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My husband never ceases to amaze me. When I think I love him one day, I grow to love him more the next day. If you know me you know that I LOVE VALENTINES DAY!! I love to celebrate love!! It always has been my favorite. If you know my husband you know that he is not a huge fan of this day….. its something about comercialism and consumers or something or other I can’t remember it all!

This morning I woke up early and excited. I got all dressed up today with my red shirt on and went to work. My secret pal at work left me a little gift on my desk and I was so excited. It was a great day, we were all mostly in a good mood with our festive colors and laughing and having a good time. Well about 11:30 I looked up and saw my husband walking through the door with a pink box. Now if you work in an office in the boro you know exactly what that pink box is!! It was a box of goodies from Julia’s bakery! He had this sweet grin on his face. Its the face of “ohhh I am about to score some major points with the wife!!” Oh boy did he ever. We opened up that pink box and he had bought the CUTEST strawberry cake with strawberry icing for the whole office. Let me tell you how much my husband was loved at our office today! It was the sweetest thing.


I came home and we got dressed up for a surprise dinner and he took me to my favorite sushi place. We pigged out and talked about changing the world. We went to barnes and noble and walked around and came home for some adult activities. (You know its good when you can’t stop giggling afterward!)

I adore my husband. It brings me to tears to see how much effort he put into a day that he doesn’t care for. My heart melted when he brought something for everybody at work.  He gave me my MLK book and some other goodies! I love you babe and can’t wait for 60 more years of Valentines day’s!! haha


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I started thinking about how to explain fulfillment to someone. What is fulfillment? I found these definitions in the dictionary:

  1. To bring into actuality; effect: fulfilled their promises.
  2. To carry out (an order, for example).
  3. To measure up to; satisfy. See Synonyms at perform, satisfy.
  4. To bring to an end; complete.
1. the act or state of fulfilling: to witness the fulfillment of a dream; to achieve fulfillment of one’s hopes.
2. the state or quality of being fulfilled; completion; realization: a vague plan that had no hope of fulfillment.
3. the process or business of handling and executing customer orders, as packing, shipping, or processing checks.

I then started to question, “Am I fulfilled?” Like every christian should immediately recite, “of course I am fulfilled I have God in my life”. I wanted to go deeper than this church answer though and really look at my life.

It looks by these definitions that you have to do something in order to be fulfilled. “completion, carry out, bring into actuality, dream, and so on.”

If seems as if when I look around that this life can be somewhat of a rat race. We think we will be fulfilled if we make a lot of money, if we are married, if we have children, if we get respect, great cars, big house and the list goes on and on. Is it not true that when we want one thing we get it and then we are on to the next thing? For example, I wanted so long to have a husband. I now have the most amazing husband that words could ever describe. He loves me so deeply, he has worked his freaking tale off to provide for us, he is a man who chases his dreams, he thinks out of the box, he loves God deeply. What more could you ask for? Does he completely fulfill me? No. I have the husband, now I want the baby. When I have that baby I will love it with every power of my being, provide for it, and be the best mom ever to it. Then what? I will want another baby. It seems to be an endless cycle. My marriage is beautiful but when I start expecting Steven to fulfill every part of me we start having problems. When I don’t get that baby in enough time I start getting angry with God.

So in this category of fulfillment, what role does God play in it? How does God fulfill you? I have my ideas and answers but I wanted to open it up to everyone. What part of fulfillment does God play in your life? If God is not a part of your life then what fulfills you? Why do we need God?

I want my bed!

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Well it is 7:33pm and I am trying my hardest to stay awake and not go to bed. I have been coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose and dead tired all day today. I am sitting here watching the democratic debate on tv (very very interesting) but trying not to pack it up for the night. My head has been pounding all day! We have a very busy day at work tomorrow and I need to be ready for it. Do you sometimes feel like you are getting old? Like tonight I just drove home in the rain, ran inside put on my pj’s, curled up under a blanket and don’t plan on moving all night unless its getting up to go to bed early!! Its cold outside- probably snowing tonight and I would love to stay home tomorrow! Ok enough with my whining!

hope everyone is well and having a great night!

off to take some benadryl 🙂

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