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Look at those sweet eyes!




This is one of my favorites!


August and Eli- you are almost 7 months old!! Time has gone by so fast!


Raising children in “safety”- what does God say?

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My friend Kimberly just wrote an amazing blog about raising children in a “safe” environment. I have LOVED watching them parent their children and have already learned so much. I love her warning to us as parents about the advice we are given from those who have great intentions but may not be pushing us to where God wants us to be sometimes. Read more from her point of view here.

Raising girls

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Obviously I have no idea on how to raise a girl, let alone a boy because mine is only 6 months old! I am teaching a 4&5 year old class at a church on Wednesdays. I am really starting to notice a huge difference between my boys and girls. The boys in my class will play with anyone. They don’t care if they have never met each other  before- as long as they want to play trucks, blocks or anything for that matter they are all in. I have noticed a HUGE difference in the girls. The girls really stick  to one friend. Its almost like they are secure when that friend is there and insecure when they are not. Its actually like pulling teeth to get them to play with anyone else besides that one friend. As long as they are accepted by one person they seem to be comfortable. I have no idea really what makes boys secure. It just really seems that friends are what make the girls secure. I can totally see this with girls the older they get. If this theory were true- how scary is that? I don’t want my daughter to continue down a path of always seeking her worth and acceptance from friends. Friends change. They move, they find new friends, they have good days and they have bad days. I want her to put her security in the Gospel. It never changes. It never has good days or bad. It will never leave her. It will take her through very hard times but in the end will be the rock she stands on to get through those hard times.

Any thoughts on raising girls or boys?

What do boys seem to put their security in?

Sunday’s coming

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Today is a heavy day. There have been so many Easter’s that have passed me by and I have not truly taken the time to think about what this day (Good Friday) means to me. Today Jesus was beaten. Today he died alone on the cross. Today he was obediant even to death. Today is the day when the wrath of God was satisfied on top of Jesus’ shoulders. Today is the day that the curtain was torn in order for us to have constant fellowship with God. Today is the day the pathway was opened for us to spend eternity with God. Today he is our only hope. Today he is the only hope for this nation. Today he is the only hope for the world.

If you have grown up in church your whole life it is so easy to just let this day pass you by. Its easy to let our hearts become numb to this story because we have heard it so many times. For me this easter it is sweeter than it has ever been. It is truly becoming the heartbeat of who I am. Everything centers around the Gospel. My marriage, parenting, friendships, living day to day as a missionary- He is the center. He is my treasure. “for I am his and he is mine; bought with the precious blood of Christ.” I feel bought today 🙂

I explained to my 5 year olds in my class the other day what Jesus taking on the punishment for our sins truly means for us. My prayer for them and for my sweet son is that one day they will see the weight of their sin and how perfect our God is. I pray that they will see their need for God. I pray that repentance will come. I pray that the direction of their life is changed. I pray that they will live their lives as missionaries- dying to tell of the change and love that God has brought to their own lives. I pray that they would find God as their only joy. Their only peace. Their only trust. Their only hope. I pray that everything would be centered around the Gospel.

I read this verse yesterday and it hit me so hard.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” 2 Cor 1:3-4

I challenge you to look at what this day means for you. Is it the center of who you are? Is it a story you have always heard but never paid that much attention to? Did it once mean something to you? Have you forgotten your first love? Don’t let this Easter pass you by!

6 Great Months

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I cannot believe I am writing that he is already 6 months old. It really and truly goes by so fast. We have adored the last 6 months of our lives. It has been so fun. A friend asked me the other day about what our future plans were for our next child and honestly we haven’t really thought about it. We have LOVED this time with him. He is getting soo big and so funny. I think he is really stealing his daddy’s heart 🙂 It has been so beautiful to watch him adore his daddy. They have a unique relationship that August has with no one else. It is so sweet to watch his chubby cheeks smile as his eyes watch Steven everywhere he goes. There have been moments between the 3 of us that I have felt stood still. They are priceless. He is such a joy filled child and I am truly broken and humbled that God placed him into our arms! Here are some updates on our little guy!

We just went in for our 6 month check up! Our little man has been doing some growing!! In 2 months he has grown 2 inches in length (25 in) and gained 2 lbs (18lbs)!! He feels like 25 pounds!!

He has one big tooth on the bottom that has popped up and another on the way. Oh my goodness teething has not been fun. I know we have just begun 🙂 We have Tyl and homeopathic teething tablets on hand at all times!! Poor guy.

We are eating solids now. I am trying to get us up to breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has done great! He likes: peas, squash, bananas (does anybody else have to sing that Gwen Stephani song in order to spell bananas?? haha) sweet potatoes, carrots and we are about to start apple sauce!

He got his first haircut on Monday 😦 His poor hair was getting out of control. We love his hair long but half of is was curly and half was straight. It was strange. Steven used his clippers and we used the longest guard he had and trimmed it down. The texture is totally different (it feels like a little boys hair and not so soft like babies hair) and there are beautiful little curls that cover his sweet head. This is his new haircut- you can see how much shorter it is in the back!


The other night we went to hear Steven play with the band that he travels with. It was so sweet how attentive August was. He was so calm and looked straight at the stage the whole time. I am crossing my fingers that he will love music like his daddy!!

He is trying desperately to crawl. He can’t quite figure out what to do with his stomach. He looks like a beached whale! His poor stomach stays on the floor and he is desperately swinging all limbs to try and get somewhere! He can turn from side to side and is making some good movements. Its only a matter of time!

Whenever I don’t have a toy on me I just take off his socks and he is soo excited to play with his feet!!



I love this sweet smile


Look at those big baby blues!!! I am so in love!


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