Raising girls

April 15, 2009 at 9:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Obviously I have no idea on how to raise a girl, let alone a boy because mine is only 6 months old! I am teaching a 4&5 year old class at a church on Wednesdays. I am really starting to notice a huge difference between my boys and girls. The boys in my class will play with anyone. They don’t care if they have never met each other  before- as long as they want to play trucks, blocks or anything for that matter they are all in. I have noticed a HUGE difference in the girls. The girls really stick  to one friend. Its almost like they are secure when that friend is there and insecure when they are not. Its actually like pulling teeth to get them to play with anyone else besides that one friend. As long as they are accepted by one person they seem to be comfortable. I have no idea really what makes boys secure. It just really seems that friends are what make the girls secure. I can totally see this with girls the older they get. If this theory were true- how scary is that? I don’t want my daughter to continue down a path of always seeking her worth and acceptance from friends. Friends change. They move, they find new friends, they have good days and they have bad days. I want her to put her security in the Gospel. It never changes. It never has good days or bad. It will never leave her. It will take her through very hard times but in the end will be the rock she stands on to get through those hard times.

Any thoughts on raising girls or boys?

What do boys seem to put their security in?



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  1. I think your observations are dead-on! It’s crazy how early girls start to find their identity in their peers. I think that helping our kids find their identity as God’s child is one of the greatest things we can teach them.

    Jafta seems to put a lot of his identity in performance (sports, school. etc). I imagine it will only get worse as he grows. I keep trying to redirect him to finding his value in Christ – but that is a hard one for a 4-year-old to grasp.

    Wait, I think it’s hard for me to grasp, too!

  2. My daughter is eight and has been BFF’s with the same girl since kindergarten. Sarah calls her “my sister from another mister.” I don’t know if she identifies with her peers; we’ve tried to teach her from an early age to think for herself and that it’s okay for friends to have different interests.
    When they’re young I think they feel disloyal to their best friend if they have more than one friend. I wouldn’t say she feels insecure without her friends, just lonely because she’s an only child.
    Who is to say that boys don’t feel insecure? I’ll bet they do, but are brainwashed by our society to not show weakness.

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