Who am I?

2911503494_fac13472fbWho am I? I am in love with a great God who daily reminds me to let him carry me throughout this life. He has been so faithful. I am still on a journey to find out who I am along with picking up new passions and watching old ones grow. I am married to an incredible man that happens to be my best friend. I am confident of his love for me and my love grows deeper for him everyday that passes. He has an amazing ability to capture people and their stories through photography. It is something I love watching him grow at. Check out his blog to see some great work. We have a beautiful son whose name is August. We had the incredible honor to be chosen to be his parents by his amazing first mom. We love her and pray for her often. August daily steals more of our hearts by his beautiful smile. We love him dearly. We have a huge heart for adoption and were able to walk that journey to reach August this last year. Most of my friends would say that I am a dreamer. It is a good thing I married a realist! I dream about our family and the journey we will walk together all the time. My husband and I live by the phrase, “The need is the call.” I hope that I am faithful to the calls on my life daily. I would love to talk anytime. You can email me at marisjbush@gmail.com.

My love and I


Our precious little man!!



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