guess what???

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You guessed it!! October 2nd there will be a precious little boy born and his mother has chosen us to parent him!!!!! It is coming very soon and we could not be more excited!!!! Our social worker called and said, “Maris this is THE call. She chose you and Steven!!” Those were the words that we have longed to hear for a year now. Today we realized that in just a few days it will mark an exact year since we began this journey to our sweet August.

We are still very aware that she can change her mind and decide to parent this precious boy and we are begging God that she would make the right decision for her and this baby. We still feel that she is the BEST and number 1 option, but if she decides to place we are there to parent this child. For today she is confident in her decision and we are going to move forward with it and be ecstatic!!!!!!!

I know that you all know the first name but for (I believe) the first time we are announcing his full name:

August Henry Bush 🙂 🙂 🙂

We love this little guy with all of our hearts already and have experienced a new joy that neither of us have ever felt before.

Please pray for her and this baby. Our mom is deeply on my heart today. Please pray that our house will sell very soon so we won’t be homeless and have a baby at the same time! Please pray that God would provide the rest of our money needed to complete this adoption.

We love all of you so much and thank you for walking this journey with us!



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Well we are a week down living with the Ivey’s and we still love each other!! It has really been great. Aaron has written a little about it on his blog. It has been a blast with the boys being here. Yesterday Deacon and his car seat were in our car and Steven and I got a little excited about having a baby and car seat in our car!

I wanted to share a little about one thing that I was not expecting. I have felt myself feel a little weird toward Steven here lately. I realized after a few days that I feel a little lost in my role as a wife here lately. I LOVE doing our laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, making our house homey and spending time cleaning. If you know me, I really don’t like for Steven to have to do any house work. This may change one day but for now I really like it to be this way. One of Steven’s love languages is acts of service and this is just a huge way that I can serve him and really show him how much I love him. This is obviously not my ONLY role in our marriage but something I feel is pretty important.  This all gets a little strange when you are not living in your own house! I still work around the house but it is for the “greater good” of the Ivey household. 🙂 It has been really great to evaluate my role in our relationship and look at all of my components to make our marriage work! It is really stretching me to excel in other ways. I don’t know if this is all making sense but anyway I just wanted to share a little more about my thoughts of communal living!! We are still so grateful to the Ivey’s for letting us stay here with them until our house sells.

Steven and I are really starting to get the itch for an apt. There are some really incredibly spacious apts around here! We are getting really excited about future possibilities. We had a lady look at our house today for 45 mins and she loved it. I am BEGGING God that she will put an offer down and buy it. We are really ready to be out from under that house so we can move on with our new life here in Austin and after seeing some of these apts it makes it REALLY hard to be patient! 🙂 Please pray that our house sells soon!

Some of you may know that we have a mom that is looking at our profile right now. We have not heard back on anything yet. I promise we are not withholding info from anyone- its just a weird process and we have to wait a lot. You all will know when we know something! I am really feeling like we are going to have a girl here lately. I was telling someone today that I don’t know how to distinguish between God preparing you  or your own longings. I will be shocked if we don’t have a baby girl named August Jayne!!

Thank you all for being great friends. I have been horrible about talking on the phone here lately but I promise I will try to get back on a routine and start calling some of my precious friends very soon!

Communal Living Part 1

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Hello everyone!! We are safely in Austin and loving it! Yesterday I went out by myself and didn’t get hit or lost. 🙂 We really love this town and had a great day at our new church on Sunday!

As most of you know our house has not sold yet in the boro and we are living with the Ivey’s. They were genuinly excited about us living with them but oddly it was so hard for me to accept community. I have not yet figured out why it was so hard for me to accept others help. I guess it was because I was out of control and had to rely on the help of others. That is probably a deep rooted pride issue in my heart. We have been here since Saturday and it has been more fun than I had imagined it to be!! They have let us have our own little room and we have nested and it feels great being in this house.

I think my favorite part of communal living so far is eating meals together. Its so great to sit down together, have great conversations and laugh. Its great to share responsibility and pull your weight in being a part of a functioning house. There is definately and understanding of honesty and openness that has to be there. All in all we are really loving being here in Austin and living with our best friends.

More to come!


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OK… The kitchen, pantry and linen closet are all almost packed. My house is starting to look bare! I still am having a hard time with taking stuff off of the walls 🙂 I guess that is when it really starts looking like a house you are moving out of. We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited and can’t wait to pull out on Friday! Its been great just packing together and looking at each other smiling just knowing this is the end of a great season of our lives but we are ready for the next. I love this house. I love all of my colors. I will miss it so much! BUT I AM READY FOR IT TO SELL!!!! Anyway- we are having fun. Its getting very real and the more real it gets the more excited I get!

More thoughts from David

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Please disregard everything I said in my previous post 🙂 I was being silly with my husband last night!

My heart is so heavy this morning for all of those who are longing for kids in their lives right now. I can think of couple after couple after couple who are waiting for the beautiful blessing of the kids God has for them in their lives. It seems like this stage of life for me and for so many of my friends is summed up by a longing for children. Its like we are all sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office waiting for someone to come to the door and call our name telling us that its time! Please know that I am praying for some many of you this morning.

My David Bible study is proving to be exactly what I need for this time of my life. God is leading me to some great thoughts that have made my heart melt in His presence.

*What are some things you KNOW to be true about God?

*How could these bold, unchangeable declarations speak hope and encouragement into your life today? What current situations would look different through this kind of lens?

“In confusing times, recounting what we do know refreshes us.”

Leg Hair

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Well I wanted to let you all know of a little frustration I have with my husband as of late. I told him today that I POUR out my heart on my blog and not many people comment and Steven writes about his disgusting beard and gets 13 comments about it!!! So I have decided to give you a daily account of the growth of my leg hair. I will stop shaving my legs and let you all know what the progress is daily and we will see if I receive more comments on my blog. I might even include some pictures too!

Tonight- prickaly

pictures tomorrow!!

Civil Wars

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In my David Bible Study this morning Beth Moore asked this question:

“Do times of change often result in civil war situations in your life? Or do they usually end up happening fairly smoothly and naturally, without a lot of upset and uproar? And do you find as you get older that this scenario has changed much?”

I feel the civil war situations in my heart daily the closer we get to loading the U-Haul. This is not easy. It seems like we have to make a BIG decision on so many things. This has been the biggest learning lesson for me. I now know that when God calls us to move I better be ready for stress and some heartache. It is not like God is looking down on me saying, “Maris I am so proud of you for following what I asked you to do: because you were obediant I am going to make everything very easy for you!”

My mind just goes to Licia and Lori over in Haiti. I am sure that the thought might have crossed their minds- man this is to hard. How do we keep doing this? Where is this money going to come from each month? Its so hard to see children dying. It hurts. Its hard. They are heros to me and I cannot wait to meet them in September. I know that they do not view themselves as hero’s but just people doing what God has called them to do. I would assume that there is joy in what they do and they love it. They could probably live a pretty comfortable life in America but they choose to chase after the heart of God.

I am learning a lot about prayer. There are so many details that we are having to give over to God and ask for clarity on. For a long time- a little honesty here- I didn’t pray because I just didn’t see the need. I know that God knows every detail and how it is going to work so I just decided that I will find out details as I walk. No need for prayer- God knows what I would say anyway. As if prayer exists only for what I can get out of it- SELFISH! I am now learning that prayer keeps me trusting. Prayer keeps me surrendered. Prayer keeps me close to God. What would I do without it???

So with 9 days until we head out of Tennessee I am getting so excited. God continues to work out details (in the very last min it seems like!!) We have to make a big decision about our car in the next couple of days which seems to be a civil war inside our marriage!! haha We will get there we just need to decide what to do with it. Thanks for reading!

Have I told him enough?

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I had an interesting thought today while getting ready. I started thinking that if I were to die today: have I said enough in the past to my husband, for him to be confident of how I feel about him? I know this could be applied in so many different situations but I want us wives to really focus on our husbands.

*Have I told him enough about what a man I think he is?

*Have I told him enough about how wise I think he is?

*Have I told him enough about what a seeker of God he is?

*Have I told him enough about how incredible of a husband he is?

*Have I held him enough?

*Have I listened to his hopes and dreams enough?

*Have I encouraged him enough?

*Have I told him how loved I feel by him?

*Have I told him what an amazing father I know he is going to be?

If I were to die today and he were to continue on in this life would he be encouraged in the low times by the words that I have expressed to him in the past? Would he be confident in the man that he is? I know that God sustains us throughout the hard times but I want to be a women who builds my husband’s confidence in this world.

I will not put you through how much I would want to write and esteem my husband on this blog (I know you are thanking me right now) but I will be telling him my love for him. Wives are we building up our men? Try it today and see what happens!!

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