Hello! Time for updates :)

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Hello everyone! Its been since our very exciting last post that I have posted again! We are very excited to be back in the great state of Texas. It feels like home. I love where we live, our church and our new friends. Its so great to be home. We LOOOOVVVVEEEE our apt. August’s room is my favorite room in the house. I am working hard on his nursery now that I have the bedding that I have been wanting for a long time! I think I have stayed in our apt a total of 9 days now. I still can’t believe its only been that short time. There is so much to be done and I can’t wait to hibernate and get to working. We have been on the run for a while now.

We are currently at Steven’s parents house showing the little man off to all the family. This has been a wonderful trip. All these aunts have been so excited to see him! We took him to see Steven’s grandparents and great grandmother today who is married to THE August. This is where we got his name from. Steven’s great grandmother is so cool. She is now 96. She still loves to talk about her husband and I love listening to her stories. August was getting a little fussy and we handed him to her and he was so peaceful in her arms. He laid there for about 10 mins and hardly moved. She kept calling him “little Augie.” I thought I might cry. I would have loved to know what was going through her mind.

Sandra is in the kitchen and we are about to feast on some steaks and shrimp! I love steak. I guess this is why I am now a “Flexatarian.” Is that right Lacey?? 🙂 I am only about 80% there. I am really loving being a semi vedgetarian. I am only doing it because I love veggies and I have felt healthier. I have even dropped like 7lbs. I wasn’t doing it for that but hey it helps!

August has been great. We are sleeping sooo good at night. He is the schedule king! We have figured out that him and I both work better when we have a consistent schedule that is the same everyday. We start our first feeding at 7am and our last is at 10pm. I put him down at about 11 and he sleeps until 3am, then we get up and I feed him and he sleeps until I wake him up at 7. He is doing great. He is such an easy baby and we are loving life right now. He is growing like crazy! We are out of newborn clothes and now on to 0-3 month clothes. He is getting so big and almost 4 weeks old! His cheeks are getting so big!

We are really loving adoption and to see the love that everyone has for him. I know there are so many interested. I pray that more children are adopted because of people who see our story. It seemed to all start with little Deacon. We love those boys like they are ours. We are already talking about more adoptions within our little family. I am so excited to see what our family will look like in 10 years.

Thank you for all the love and support each of you has given. I hope to be getting a new camera this weekend. Our little camera died and I really want one so that I can post more pictures of him! You should leave a comment on Steven’s blog so that I can get one really soon!! 🙂 Its VERY important!! haha

These are a couple of pics that Jamie took at her house the other night. I love his sweet face!


He is OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been looking forward to writing this blog for a while now. I just talked to our social worker and August is finally OURS!!! I cannot stop crying. I am so relieved and feel like I can breathe now. He is really ours.

I am so grateful to A today. She is such a hero. She chose life for him. She gave the sweetest gift to us. I will always honor her with my words and my heart. I love her so dearly.

I really thought I would have more words for this post but I don’t. I just feel like I don’t have to worry anymore even though the Lord has been so sweet to take away those fears. My heart is so full. I just wish I could lay next to my husband with our baby between us and cry with him and thank our sweet God for this blessing. I miss him more in this moment than I ever have. August has been worth every single second of the wait. I am so in love with him. Thank you all for your love, support, prayers and financial giving throughout this process. You have lightened the load on our backs and been such a blessing to us. We love you and LOVE OUR SON!!!!!!!!

Tears of Joy!!!!!!!!!!

We are cleared to leave!

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Today I got the call from our adoption agency that we are cleared to leave for Texas. I never dreamed that it would be ready so fast! We weren’t scheduled to leave until Monday but I can’t wait anymore so we are leaving Friday morning and will hopefully be home Saturday afternoon and at our favorite church in the world on Sunday morning!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy I am to be typing all of this! We are waiting for Friday because we don’t want to head out until we get the OFFICIAL word that the “10” days is over. Our social worker talked to Augusts mom this morning and she said she is doing great, healing good and looking for a new job. I am so glad she is doing so good. I think about her so much and wish I could thank her and give her a huge hug before we leave.

We are really excited about everything and greatly looking forward to Thursday night when I can hang out with some of my best friends for a celebration dinner and know that I am heading home the next morning! I know its going to be a long hard day for August. Please pray that he SLEEPS all day on Friday!! I love this little guy and can’t wait to be home with him!! We will keep you all posted!

I love my husband

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I love where we are in our marriage. We have both said that this is the best time of our lives. We are both really loving life right now. I love him so much and am so excited about what an amazing father he is and how much our little man loves him already!! August has brought Steven and I so much closer.  It is so strange how you fall in love with this little baby so deeply and to share that love for him with each other is amazing. We are missing daddy today while he is out on the road. WE LOVE YOU BABY!! See you tomorrow!

August is wonderful. I would love to know the count of how many times I kiss on his chubby cheeks everyday! He is on a hardcore 3 hour schedule that we started and he has taken and ran with! I am so in love with him. This is a big week for us. The 10 days is over on Thursday at 4:30. If all goes the way its planned we will be heading back to Texas with our little man the 27th. We are hoping and sooooo excited to travel back to Texas with him. There are so many people that he needs to meet!! I cannot wait to be in our new apt with him. I dream of laying him in his bed in his room. We will keep you all updated! We are crazy in love with him!! Did I say that already?? I hope you all are having a great week!

My Little Man

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Well we are one week down!! I can honestly say that I am having the time of my life! I LOVE taking care of him. Its so fun to dress him up in new outfits, feed him, give him baths and everything else that being a mom entails! We are having so much fun. We took him to the doctor on Thursday for his one week check up and he had gained a whopping one ouce!! He is 7.4 lbs. He slept 5 hours straight last night!!! This has not happened yet! After that 5 hours I fed him and he slept for another 4. We are making progress!!

He is really starting to show his little personality! He has a TEMPER. haha, would I ever have a child that doesn’t?? He loves to snuggle. He has started smiling but we only see it when we catch it! He has dimples hidden inside those chubby cheeks that are waiting to come out. He loves his daddy. He can be screaming and I can hand him to Steven and he automatically turns it off. He is such a great eater and burper. His gas is getting much better now that I changed his bottles out. Dr. Browns are the way to go!! He is just so precious. He loves his hands. He found his thumb and he even held his own bottle while feeding one time- we were all cracking up!! He is already throwing his head back. He picks it up and looks around and lays back down. His hair is getting soooo curly!! Its so cute. His cheeks are getting so chubby. I kiss on them any chance I get! 🙂

We are so anxious to get home. I just want to walk through our apt and put him in his bed. A goes to court on Monday to start the official 10 days. I am ready for this time to be over. I still get so nervous that she might change her mind now that I have fallen in love with him so much but I guess we won’t think about that unless we have to. God continues to speak peace into my heart. For now we are loving him the way she has asked us to! I am counting down the days though-12 days and hopefully we can go home. I think about A alot. I hope she is doing ok. I hope she is healing from her surgery and this hard time. I hope she is starting to get back to her life the way she wanted to. I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could hug her and hear how she is doing. For now I just love on her little boy and can’t wait to talk to him about her one day.

We miss our church soooooooooooooooo much!! I just can’t wait to get home and really get plugged in. We can finally feel as it we are there and ready for our life in Austin!! I am ready to get back to new friends and our new life. I cannot wait to see the Ivey’s and Ingram’s! This is way to long! Its so great to have a face to “baby August!”

Sorry I haven’t posted much- I have been captured up into his little world. We are starting to get out and make the rounds here in Nashville! Its so fun taking him places. I hope you all have a great weekend!

We had a good night :)

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He did so good last night! This infant positioner thing is amazing! I fed him and put him down at 12:30 and he woke me up at 2:45!! I was in some deep sleep. He did so much better last night and I actually got a grand total of 6 hours of sleep! 3 here and 3 there. 🙂 I have just sat all morning with him just cuddling on my chest just giving him back to God. I am finding that is a hard thing to do.  He is such a cuddler. I think God knew I needed one of those! Hope you all are having a great day! Thanks for all of your advice!

Crossing our fingers tonight!!

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Well our little man has found his pipes!! The last 2 nights have been, well lets just say they have been hard. 🙂 We were up about every 30 mins last night. His nights and days are still so mixed up. Finally 6am rolled around and I took August to my mom and she kept him while Steven and I caught up in some much needed sleep! I don’t know what I would do without my mom here lately! She has taken him so much the last couple of days. Even though we are not sleeping so well I can honestly say I am having the time of my life! I love figuring out his little personality and finding out what works and does not work for him. It brings me to tears to think about how much my love for him is growing daily. He is so precious to me.

If you have tried to call me, I am so sorry. I think I left my cell phone charger in Austin. I can’t find it anywhere and we haven’t had time to get a new one. Hopefully we will get a new one tomorrow. We might try to venture out and see people tomorrow!!

With the last 2 nights under our belts we did run to babies r us today to see what we could find to help him sleep tonight. He has a really hard time not being held. (This kinda makes my heart melt- he KNOWS who his mama and daddy are:)) There is not lack of holding him in this house!! Well tonight we bought the “Swaddle Me” wrap to make him nice and snug and we also bought the infant positioner to hold him tight. We are crossing our fingers and seeing if they are going to work. I love him so much and I have to keep reminding myself that he is only 3 days old! He is doing so great. He has been such a joy.

I have felt wonderful today! I have such a peace about all this time until the 23rd. It has allowed me to love on him with all of my heart. When I can tell that my mind is worrying about loosing him I have been able to automatically shut those thoughts off. That has been a huge blessing. I will be honest and say that all of this time until the 23rd is hard and I wish we could just skip until the end but that wouldn’t teach me to trust God would it? 🙂 Nevertheless we make the best out of it and honor A with what we committed to her that we would do. She asked us to love him as our own and I can promise you we are doing that!!! It feels good to honor her.

I will leave you of our little man and his getup for going to sleep tonight! I just laid him down and he has made it 20 mins without a peep all by himself! That is a great accomplishment!

We are home!!

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We were released from the hospital last night and were able to come home to my parents house!! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be out of that hospital and we weren’t even there that long!! He has been wonderful! He is a little confused on his nights and days. He sleeps all day and is quite the night owl at night. Needless to say we are not getting much sleep! We were prepared but man do I miss my 7 hour a night sleeps!! He is eating like a horse and burping so well. We love him so so much and are so thankful for the sweet blessing he is to us. I could not love him more if he came out of my body!! I know I am partial but he is so beautiful. 🙂

Please pray for me. I think I am exhausted but my stomach has been so upset since yesterday morning. I know its nerves but I am really having a hard time eating. I think my nerves are just so worked up on top of being up all night. Its frustrating to not be able to focus all of my attention on my little man that we have waited for for so long. I am hoping it will get better soon.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and comments. Our world has turned upside down and we are just so crazy about our little man!!

Please pray for A today as she is released from the hospital. I had a great chance to check on her and pray for her before she gave birth. My heart hurts for her today as she leaves that hospital with no baby. She is such a hero to give this sweet little boy life. She is greatly in my thoughts today. I am praying that she heals very quickly and gets back to the things that she loves to do.


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One of the reasons I love adoption is that every adoption experience is different. Each situation is unique with different circumstances and different people.

I have felt very blessed in this experience. Today was no exception. I am going to refer to her as “A” from now on. I don’t want to share her name or a ton about her just out of respect for her. Again, if there weren’t so many people interested in adoption- I would probably not share any info about today. I love her so much and just want to honor her throughout this process.

Today was nothing short of amazing. We were so nervous and excited. It feels like we have waited for this day since August of 07. I have imagined what it would be like and I can say that it exceeded my expectations!

We got there this morning and met with our social worker for about 30 mins and then A and her social worker came into the room. We were so excited to finally see her!! We gave her flowers and hugged. She was so nervous and excited. We sat down and the conversation just started flowing. I don’t think the social workers said anything until about 30 mins into it! She asked so many questions about us and who we are. We did the same about her. We asked what her interests were and what she liked to do. We asked what her fears were and if there were any deeper questions that she wanted to ask us. There were several questions that she asked that were so convincing to us that she has an enormous love for this baby. We never doubted that but it was so fun to see it in her face. She is so beautiful and has an incredible personality!! We never stopped talking the entire time. She said over and over that she was so excited for us. That was very hard for me to hear. I wanted to encourage her and love on her and in turn she was glowing and so very excited for us. I wanted to be able to tell her that back but I can imagine that there will be sadness ahead for her. The reality was very difficult. I don’t even have words to describe that feeling.

When we began this process and throughout I have said that I will love that baby for as long as we have him. I did not feel as if I could call him my own until the 10 days were up and everything was done. Today I left with a very different feeling. I felt as if she was pleading for us to love this baby as our own from the time he comes out of her. She stated that she has thought about this decision for 9 months and she feels like she is carrying this baby for us. Did you get that? For us. This statement knocked me off my feet. I NEVER thought she would feel that way. I guess I thought she would be wavering in her decision. She sounds so sure of what she really really wants to do. I left with a sense of ownership after I saw her sweet face and listened to her ask us to be ready to parent this child because thats what she wanted. I have such a deep love and respect for her. She chose life for this baby. She LOVES this baby but this is what she wants. I just feel so humbled and honored. So I am ready. I am ready to treat this child as our own because that is what A wants. She really really wants that. If she changes her mind- we will be fine. This is just a huge way for us to honor her right now. She told us that she wants us to be excited and to not fear about her changing her mind because she isn’t going to.

So yes, we are elated. I have 2 more solid nights of sleep and then its all over!!!! I am taking time tomorrow just to get everything ready, pray and read. I am very excited. We will go Thursday and at noon will have a baby!! I really feel that God was honored today. I hope He was. We wanted her to see him and be able to share as much as we could of his love for us. We prayed with her and hugged and had a wonderful time. I will never forget today. It is just as special as the day we will see August.

We had one big thing that we learned today. The “10” days won’t be up until the 23rd. There are a couple reasons as to why but I won’t go into all that. We laughed out loud when we heard that. God is just so wanting us to be stretched and to trust Him. We just had to laugh. We will be fine.

Oh one more thing- we got a call today and there is a guy who is trying to get financing to put an offer on our house!! Does anybody see how hilarious this all is????? We are praying that he gets it and that this will be the end of our house selling strains!!

Thank you all so much for walking with us and praying. Please please pray for A as she goes in Thursday. I know she is very nervous and ready for all of this to be over. I am just praying for peace and for her to be able to sleep easy these next 2 nights. Please pray that we can share more of God with her. We love you guys and thank you for your prayers today!!!

38 hours and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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