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Consumed is definitely the word of the week for our family. A country that Steven and I are passionate about and so many of our friends have been affected by the earthquake in Haiti. I feel as if life has stopped and we have been on our computers nonstop since it all happened.

I have been excited to see the amount of relief effort in which has taken place. I continue to be stunned at how much media coverage Haiti has gotten. I have been impressed with our President, former President Clinton and so many others who have taken time to stand behind and support Haiti. I will say that Clinton has brought me to tears a couple of times for his long-lasting love and desire for growth and change in Haiti. It has been incredible to see local news stations embrace our friends and give them a platform to speak out about orphans. In the midst of tragedy God’s beautiful interweaving has been intoxicating. He has been our only hope. God has been the rock for so many this week.

I love knowing that for our community, family and friends just because the news crews may leave in a couple of weeks our ongoing love and passion will continue for this great country. It is so dear to our hearts. We had heard before we took our first trip to Haiti that once you go you come back a different person. I can say that it was true for me. I was different and now tied to this country. This week has reminded me of how desperately I want to go back and of how badly I want to adopt from there one day.

I follow several blogs that have kept us in touch with what is going on. These are faithful followers of a God in which has gripped their hearts. It has been His strength that has pulled them through this tragic week. I have been so driven to pray for them this week. Please follow their journey and continually lift them up.

This is Licia’s blog who runs the Rescue Center:

This is Lori who runs the medical clinic:

This is a family who is passionate about adoption and who lives in Haiti. They live in Port au Prince and have given great info about what life is really like there now.

This is an incredible ministry who has an orphanage where some of our friends have kids at. They do woman’s programs and make beautiful purses that support women, give them an income and support for their families.

Heartline and Real Hope for Haiti are both reputable and incredible organizations to give to in the midst of this tragedy.

An easy way to support both of these ministries is to go to and buy a shirt and 100% of the money will go to these organizations.

If you live in Austin (or if you don’t) there will be a benefit to raise money for Real Hope for Haiti Monday night. For more information you can go to

There are great ways to help even though we are far away. We can still make a change and lift up those who are there giving every ounce of energy they have to the Haitian people!


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