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If you know me you know that I love sweet stuff. I daily struggle with desserts! I am very thankful that my favorite bakery in Murfreesboro is no longer right around the corner anymore. I can just smell that place… Anyway during Valentines day I get very excited because my favorite candy of ALL TIME comes out!!


I am very picky about it though. It has to be the Necco brand. It can’t be the Brachs. It has to be in a bag not a box. The box’s let air in and they dry out. The bag seals off the air and they are still soft! 🙂 I know they are not good for me but there is no other candy that I love more!

I just looked on the back: for a serving size which is 40 pieces there is 38 grams of sugar!! Holy cow! I don’t care- I get to eat them one time a year. Maybe that is why I love Valentines day so much! I hope you all have a great day!

Last night Steven and I went out on a date and decided we would take August with us. Looking back this wasn’t the greatest idea but whatever- we went out as a family! I had a moment that stood still for me as I watched Steven run around the parking lot pushing August in his stroller and watching August laugh his head off at his crazy daddy! I adore watching their relationship grow.  August watches everything Steven does. I am still so crazy about my husband and I think it has doubled since we have had August. Steven I love you so much and am thankful for our date last night! I will save everyone from the gooey love stuff and tell you about what an amazing man I think you are when we are alone wink! 🙂

I also have a weakness for this:




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  1. Aw, glad you had a good time on your date, even if you did take August, who is cute btw!!!

  2. I am with you on the sweet tooth. Just think, Easter is right around the corner. PEEPS!!!!!

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