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The last few days we have had the chance to spend time with 2 of my best friends from college. They are on their way back home from Africa for 4 months to CO and stopped in to stay with us for a few days.


Candace and I go back to our first few days starting out as college freshman. We lived in this dorm:


right across the hall from each other. Actually that was her room right above those double entrance doors. She and I slowly began hanging out and then became great friends. Our freshman year consisted of staying up WAY to late and not going to class the next day! We listened to music all the time, talked about anything and everything and tried to hang out with friends as much as possible! She later on became my favorite roomate in college. I loved our room!

She is one friend in my life that I can be completely myself with. We have been through so much in our time together. We have argued (haha more than we should have) we have prayed earnestly together, we have cried together and we have seen each other at our worst’s. She is a friend that is irreplaceable in my life. She knows me so well even though we don’t get to talk everyday. I was able to walk beside her from the very beginning of her journey to God. God has used her in my life to teach me how sacred scripture memory is. I would often see her around campus walking and reading her little note cards that had her verses on them for that day. She taught me how to love God deeply. Passionately. I am so proud of her and the woman that she is.

Ryan was my first guy friend in college. We would hang out and have great talks about God. He is an extremely loyal friend and would even listen to all of my drama! Ryan was always different from the rest of the guys in college. I always felt like he thought deeper and differently. He used those thoughts to encourage others to think for themselves. That is one thing that really stayed with me after hanging out with him. I felt like he taught me to step back and look at the big picture and think for myself. He is a great friend. I have loved seeing Candace and Ryan’s love story unfold. I am so thankful they have each other- they are perfect!

We were able to talk about their trip to Africa and about life for all of us. It was great to catch up and talk about old times! It was such a sweet time for me. Its so sweet to have my husband begin to have friendships with them also. I have missed them both in my life.

They were able to meet August for the first time! On Monday we took the bus downtown and ate lunch and walked around. We had a great time. This is a picture of August’s first bus ride!


He did so great!!

These are some pics of their last moments with us before they left!



We are so thankful you guys came and hung out with us! Thanks for loving on August! I am so excited to see where our lives are going! Love you guys so much!


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