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Steven and I are homebound this week. I have strep and he has a sinus infection. I guess we really needed to slow down huh? We are just crossing our fingers and praying that August doesn’t get it. I haven’t hardly touched him in 24 hours. Steven has been Mr. Mom. He has done great. It has been so difficult for me. I miss him more than I thought I would. Steven is getting all of the smiles, hugs and kisses. 😦 I just get to lay in the couch and do nothing.

August is doing so good. He has started smiling like crazy! It melts my heart everytime. Its funny to see how much you and your husband become so silly and will do anything just to get a smile or laugh out of him! The other night while he sat in his bouncy seat he started reaching out for the little mobile toys attached to it! I couldn’t believe how hard he was trying to touch them! He is kicking his feet and flailing his arms like he is trying to swim. Just another step towards being mobile! Steven was changing his diaper last night and said he almost rolled off the changing table. When his paci is not in his mouth he has been sucking on his fingers. Not one but all of them! When you hold him he really holds on to you. He usually has both hands grabbing onto your shirt. He is just a different kid then a month ago. He changes so much daily.

I can’t remember if I have said this before or not but I am really seeing that my life is NOT about me. I guess having August has shown me how much I loved doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I just can’t do everything I want to anymore. I can’t take long showers, fix my hair perfectly, eat a meal slowly or pick up and go to a coffee shop all day. My husband is wonderful about helping me out and giving me breaks. It just shows me how much I “knew” my life wasn’t about me but now I really am beginning to understand how much my life is not about me. With all of that said its amazing to see how my love grows for him daily. Loving Steven the way that I do- I didn’t think there was room to love another the way I do with him. I guess that capacity just grows and grows with every child you add to your family! 🙂

We have some little critters in our house. Well not in our apt but in the walls of our apt. We have caught a HUGE rat in our apt before and I think his brothers and sisters are out for revenge. We hear them during the day but haven’t seen any. We have glue traps set out but they haven’t come inside yet! I think just because its cold here there is more activity. We have told our apt office. I hope they aren’t multiplying in the attic! I don’t like them but if that is the least of our problems right now living here in America I think we are pretty fortunate.

I am really looking forward to getting over being sick, not traveling for a while and getting into a routine of being involved more in our church. There are so many different areas and I am so excited to serve more. Sunday, Steven and I served with Church under the bridge. It is the local homeless ministry that has church and serves food. We had a great time. Its hard work and I loved getting to talk to people. Yesterday while driving home from the doctor we drove by a group of homeless people on the side of the road all covered up in blankets and just sitting together talking. It was so cold outside, the wind was blowing and there were birds everywhere around them. My heart really broke for them and drove me to tears. It just didn’t seem fair that I was in a warm car and about to go home to a warm apt and eat a hot lunch. I felt sick and that morning I was able to go to the doctor and get medicine to make me better quickly and be over it. I just found myself saying “I’m sorry” over and over again to them in my mind. I just always want to be conscience of those around me and putting their needs before my own. I want to work hard to serve others no matter how and why they got to where they are now. I think thats what Jesus would have done. Love without questioning.

Here are some recent pics:









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  1. beautiful thoughts and photos.

  2. Hey girl! i hope that you start feeling better soon! I was sad that i couldn’t come and hang out this last week, but it sounds like something is going around. We had rats in our apartment and it is NOT fun. We ended up catching 4. gross. I love August’s dimples! what a cutie! hope we can get together soon! Love ya!

  3. i miss that little guy!

    hope you feel better VERY soon!

  4. i hope you feel better soon! miss you!

  5. Hope you start feeling better soon. I know it can be so difficult taking care of babies when you feel bad too. Just FYI – I got the strep when Malachi was 5 mths old and my dr told me that babies couldn’t get strep. Something hadn’t fully developed yet or something like that so any how you might want to check on that so you don’t have to miss out on too many loves.

  6. Love the pics and the thoughts! Yall are such a cute lil family. I love seeing how God is enlarging your heart through such a tiny person. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  7. Hope this finds you feeling better. THANKS for coming over to visit the blog. August is a CUTIE and I love his hair! Oh, and I agree with you, thumbs down on the red hat…that was a great pic on his blog!

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