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My mom came in town this last weekend and we had a great time! We got to show her around several spots of Austin and finally show her where we live now! I was able to take her to our church and show her around our apt we love so much. I am looking very much forward to my dad and brother coming in December. My parents have a huge love for August and its beautiful to see. We are so blessed with 2 sets of INCREDIBLE parents that love our child and love us. It is a beautiful thing to see your parents fall for your child and see how they interact with them. It almost gives you a glimpse of their love for you and how they acted when you were a baby.


I have also thought a lot about my husband here lately. Warning- this is a very brief summary of our serman on Sunday. He explained many things much further but this is what I pulled out of it. On Sunday we talked about marriage and our roles as men and women. Our pastor did a great job explaining the dreaded word of our society, “submissive.” He talked about how we are equal and just as important but as women we are called to submit our equality/role over to our husband as Jesus did to God. In the marriage picture we represent Jesus. I can’t think of a more beautiful picture of what a woman should be than to have a heart like Jesus. He talked about how men are to love their wives. He also really encouraged the single girls in the room to really think about WHO they are potentially submitting their role over to. He jokingly but kinda seriously compared the marriage relationship to batman and robin. Robin exists as this wimpy, not so great sidekick that is not as tough as Batman. This is NOT the picture of marriage. We laughed as our pastor compared marriage as being Batman and Wonder Woman. Now that is a powerful team!

I realized how huge a responsibilty men have in the headship of marriage. I also realized how much God took dating out of my hands and pointed me to the man I am married to. I had no idea what I was getting in to. Ever since Sunday I have been reminded of how humbled I am to be Steven’s wife. He is not perfect as am I am not perfect. We don’t always speak kindly towards each other or love each other perfectly 24 hours a day. However he works so hard to love me sacrificially. It has been such a joy to love him, trust him and follow him. I never want to hold him back- just as he with me. I am so humbled to be married to this man. He absolutely cracks me up and I love laughing with him.



I also am very thankful for August. I loved him from the first time I laid my eyes on him but just like Steven I love him more everyday. It just gets deeper and deeper. Everyday he is doing new things. Everyday I have more and more to love. He has brought Steven and I so much closer. I watched Steven make August smile like 10 times tonight while he was playing with him. There are those moments in life where time stands still and tonight was one of them for me. I LOVE my boys.





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  1. Hi Maris, I left a comment in one of your earlier posts and now couldn’t resist to comment on your son. He’s adorable! I thank God for couples like you that have so much love that they decided to extend it to others by adopting. My husband and I are trying for a child but due to infertility issue it makes it harder and now we kind of toying with the idea of adopting. We have foreboding thoughts like will we love him/her like our own child, what if he/she has hereditary illness etc…stuff like that.

    On being submissive to husband, I’d like to suggest a wonderful book called Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. I was/am having submission issue with my husband and reading the book and attended the classes helped me tremendously in this area 🙂


  2. i miss baby August!!!

  3. “It almost gives you a glimpse of their love for you and how they acted when you were a baby.”

    i had never thought about that but it’s so true! how sweet that is!

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