You know your a mom when…

November 21, 2008 at 3:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

You know your a mom when you pull a shirt out to wear and later remember that your son spit up on it and you decide to still keep wearing it because you don’t care!



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  1. Way too true! The even scarier thing is when you don’t put it in the wash right away 🙂 We have baby #2 due in a few weeks (our son’s full birthsister!), and I had forgotten about that until I read your blog.

  2. HAHA! ! LOVE this!! I remember flying home from China with our daughter. She spit up several times on the plane as well as several messy sneezes. What does a mom do? Why wipe it on your sleeve, of course!! Then you just smile, keep going and figure that Tide will wash it all out later. After all, I’d rather have dirty, snotty shirts and be with my daughter than to have clean shirts and be without her.

    We are blessed, aren’t we?!!


  3. Haha!! I remember doing the same thing! For the first few months of my daughters lives, I know I went around town smelling like regurgitated Similac! The scent of being a new mommy!
    Between the spit-up and snot, mommies are the human napkin! 🙂

  4. Once, after taking a nap, I looked over at my bluejeans that I had thrown on the couch. There was snot smeared at the nose level of my toddler. I was so used to being touched, pushed, hugged, and grabbed that I didn’t even realize that she had used me as a tissue.

  5. Oh yeah! You are officially a mommy. You’ve been initiated by spit-up! I always like the look of spit-up smeared around and then covered in white lint from a wipe after I tried to clean it up but couldn’t.

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