OK now I am really excited!!

September 12, 2008 at 6:47 pm | Posted in adoption, Family, Life, My Husband, Updates | 23 Comments

These last couple of weeks or so I have been so focused on going to Haiti and what is going on in Haiti that I have kinda put the whole baby thing on hold in my mind until I get back. I guess I didn’t even realized I was doing it!! Our sweet friends Guy and Tracy just had their baby yesterday and to see pictures of her just makes me want to jump off of the chair I am sitting in and do a toe touch!! Oh my gosh I can’t wait to hold that baby and then to hold baby August. We now call August, baby August because the Ivey kids talk about baby August all the time! I have so many pictures for him when he gets here! I am trying to focus on Haiti and be mentally prepared for it and then trying to finish up Baby Wise and be ready to be a parent too. These are 2 huge things in my life right now that take so much preparation. Its so much!!! I went to the doctor the other day and got all my shots, malaria and typhoid pills. Let me tell you that this malaria pill is crazy!! My dreams have been crazy!! This is my first time to take it.

I am also excited because we got an apartment today!!!!!! We are so excited and love it and the area so much. I feel like it took a while to decide on an area to live in and I just know this is it and we love this apt!!  We still have to be approved and we are not moving in until late october. This gives us time to go to Tennessee and decide on something about our freaking house that won’t sell!! I know its all in God’s timing. I am just ready to be out from underneath it so we can move on with our lives. We walked through the new apt again today and were planning out where everything would go. I can’t wait to get our stuff out of storage and get that crib in the baby room!! Sorry there are lots of exclamation points in this blog but I am just super excited about life right now. 🙂

If you will please pray for Jamie, Chrystal and I on our trip to Haiti. Pray for safety and that we can get to the Rescue Center.

Please pray for Steven’s family who is sitting in the direct line of Hurricane Ike. They are all out but I am just praying that they don’t loose anything due to the storm surge. So crazy. We love them so much and are so excited that we are here to help them in any way that we can!

Please pray for our house to sell and for the upcoming adoption!

We love you guys so much!!



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  1. MUST TAKE VIDEO OF YOU DOING A TOE TOUCH!!!!!! 🙂 We are missing you and looking forward to meeting Baby August…in his giraffe onesie!

  2. […] birthday. i’m asking a huge favor of everyone who reads this blog…can you go & tell Maris Happy Birthday for me. you guys […]

  3. Happy Birthday Maris 😀 I hope its a fabulous one!! We miss you in Tennessee!

  4. happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Maris!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Maris! I love you very much!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Maris 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Maris…..thanks for letting your hubby come visit in LA. He did an amazing job sharing his heart for the poor and needy.

  10. Happy birthday.

  11. happy birthday maris!!! hope you have a stellar day. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday To You,
    Happy Birthday To You,
    Happy Birthday Dear Maris,
    Happy Birthday To You…
    And Many More!

  13. Happy Happy Birthday to you! The house is different with you not here this morning.
    🙂 love you.

  14. Maris,
    The Ponder/Duff family just wanted to tell you “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. We hope you have a great day.

    We Love you very much!!!!
    Larry, Mary, Russell and Janie Duff 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday! Bushy Bush (I can’t get over that it’s hilarious) said to pay you a visit. I heard your 21 and holding (not according to Bush).

    PS: I think some weird guy with a beard might be an obsessed stalker but if your okay with that then so am I.

  16. Happy Birthday Maris! Sounds like this will be an incredible year for you. God Bless.

  17. Happy birthday!

  18. happy happy birthday, my wonderful friend!!! i hope that today is full of sweet moments and great fun. 🙂 i love you so much!

  19. Happy Birthday.


  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Happy belated birthday!! Praying for your trip to Haiti and can’t wait to see you when you come to get Baby August!! And of course, I can’t wait to love on him either. Love you, shawnah

  23. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Next time year will have almost been a Mama for a year!! Wowser!

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