Alright- this is not funny anymore!

September 1, 2008 at 3:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Alright guys and gals. It is time to play, SELL THAT HOUSE!!! No more joking around, no more waiting nicely. I am in need of some serious charismatic prayer warriors out there to name it and claim it for it to sell this week!!!!!! We potentially will have a baby pretty soon and we can’t be homeless with a child now can we?? We have narrowed our apartment selections down to a top 3 and we are chomping at the bit to unpack our stuff from storage and get to nesting! Please pray with us this week.

All joking aside- Steven looked at me with a pitiful face the other day and said that he is going to have a hard time when we have to leave the Ivey’s. This whole thing has just gone so well. For instance Aaron is sitting at the table right now passing gas and none of us even flinch. Its just a normal day with communal living! When we do have our own place I am glad we might have a screaming baby because I have loved the crazy times with the kids during the day and the quiet nights with the adults. We share food it seems like all day! Fun fun times.

My wonderful friend Ginger is here with us this weekend getting her own taste of communal living. It has been wonderful to have her here and show her my excellent driving skills here in Austin! Today was really my first day out on my own and we had a blast. Love her- great times!

So anyway- we are about to partake of some brownies!

PLEASE PRAY for our house to sell!




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  1. anybody want a house?

  2. hey maris! it was great meeting you guys this weekend. we will join you in praying about the house situation & congrats again on baby august! that’s SO exciting!

  3. somehow…i just can’t picture my worship leader passing gas……the thought just makes me laugh hysterically…..aaron passing gas….something about that?!?!? for some reason, i can only laugh on the inside…..

    i will pray for your house to sell…..

    and if you’d like to add a 4th apt choice, try AMLI @ Scofield Ridge…it’s just north of the Parmer/MoPac ‘aka Loop 1’ intersection…and very peaceful….you’d like it here….you really would!

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