Civil Wars

August 6, 2008 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

In my David Bible Study this morning Beth Moore asked this question:

“Do times of change often result in civil war situations in your life? Or do they usually end up happening fairly smoothly and naturally, without a lot of upset and uproar? And do you find as you get older that this scenario has changed much?”

I feel the civil war situations in my heart daily the closer we get to loading the U-Haul. This is not easy. It seems like we have to make a BIG decision on so many things. This has been the biggest learning lesson for me. I now know that when God calls us to move I better be ready for stress and some heartache. It is not like God is looking down on me saying, “Maris I am so proud of you for following what I asked you to do: because you were obediant I am going to make everything very easy for you!”

My mind just goes to Licia and Lori over in Haiti. I am sure that the thought might have crossed their minds- man this is to hard. How do we keep doing this? Where is this money going to come from each month? Its so hard to see children dying. It hurts. Its hard. They are heros to me and I cannot wait to meet them in September. I know that they do not view themselves as hero’s but just people doing what God has called them to do. I would assume that there is joy in what they do and they love it. They could probably live a pretty comfortable life in America but they choose to chase after the heart of God.

I am learning a lot about prayer. There are so many details that we are having to give over to God and ask for clarity on. For a long time- a little honesty here- I didn’t pray because I just didn’t see the need. I know that God knows every detail and how it is going to work so I just decided that I will find out details as I walk. No need for prayer- God knows what I would say anyway. As if prayer exists only for what I can get out of it- SELFISH! I am now learning that prayer keeps me trusting. Prayer keeps me surrendered. Prayer keeps me close to God. What would I do without it???

So with 9 days until we head out of Tennessee I am getting so excited. God continues to work out details (in the very last min it seems like!!) We have to make a big decision about our car in the next couple of days which seems to be a civil war inside our marriage!! haha We will get there we just need to decide what to do with it. Thanks for reading!


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  1. haha – Maris, I almost commented on your leg hair post… but decided I wouldn’t give in and give more validity to your heart posts! Hey… it’s working though… you have more comments about your leg hair! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you… I haven’t known you all your life, but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time and I have loved seeing how God continually changes your life and grows in your heart. This move might be hard, but I pray that God pours His blessing on you 2 and your new baby as you follow Him.

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