We are waiting!

July 2, 2008 at 1:19 pm | Posted in adoption, Family, love, My Husband, Updates | 5 Comments

I talked to our social worker yesterday and she told me that she is going to start showing our profile! I think life has been a little crazy at their office. They seem really busy right now but she assured me that our profile would be shown. We are super excited and feel like it could be anyday.

This journey has been beautiful for Steven and I. We talked last night and Steven sounded so confident and ready to be a dad! I feel like my love grew for him in a different way last night. I don’t know if you have read on either of our personal blogs but we are in the midst of moving to Texas right now. Our house is up for sale, we have boxes in the garage and hopefully we will have this baby before we leave. EVERYTHING is such a huge question in our lives right now. Will this baby be a boy or a girl? Will our house sell? When do we leave? So many questions. I know this is where we are supposed to be right now. We have both taken our turns during this journey of wanting this so bad, then freaking out for a while, scared about all of the details and back to knowing that God is in total control. I too am ready. Whether it be boy or girl we are ready for August in our lives!

I cannot stop thinking about our mom here lately. I know that she is probably going through some heartache and decisions right now. I pray, as told her in her letter that we wrote to her, that she makes the right choice for her. That this is her baby and her decision. She is in my thoughts and prayers so much. My love for her and wanting to be a part of her life is so strong right now. I want so badly for her to feel God’s love during this time. I am praying so much for her. I love her the way that I already love this baby. I just want so badly to meet her. Please pray for these women today. They are making huge life decisions. They are strong and have immense love for their kids. I pray for no regrets in her life. I pray for a confident decision for her and this baby. I want her to parent first and if that is not the decision that she makes we want to be there to help her and love her and this baby.

This is a crazy process with weird emotions! I am so thankful for all of you who have been reading and keeping up with everything. We are more excited than you could ever know! Now its our time just to wait for the right mom to choose us.



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  1. Love you and praying and waiting with you!

  2. Maris! I’m so excited for you 2! It’s really happening! Thanks for keeping us all posted. Ryan and I will be passing near your area July 31st… maybe we could see you 2 if you are around! I miss you!

  3. this is so so so so so exciting!!!!

  4. We can’t wait for this baby! I know that all is up in the air and crazy, but isn’t that when God does His best work?? When we are totally in His hands. Nothing you can do can alter what His plans for you are. That’s a precious place to be. I know it seems scary, but this is when we understand more than ever what it means to abide in Him. Abide my friend, and know that our God is mighty and His plan for you and your family is perfect.

  5. Can’t wait to celebrate some great news with you guys!

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