Back to the Boys & Girls Club today!

July 1, 2008 at 2:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Ohh the sights and smells of the glorious club! It has been almost a year since I left the club and today it was bittersweet going back. I love kids so much! Those kids drive me crazy! It was a fun day though. Here are a couple conversations:

convo 1

kid: Why did you dye your hair Mrs. Maris?

me: Well I just like it this color better- do you not like this color on me?

kid: yeh i like it- I just wondered.

Question 2: Did you get taller Mrs Maris?

Question 3: kid: Why did you leave us Mrs. Maris? (while her and another girl are putting braids in my hair- steven won’t play with my hair- these girls love it!!)

me: well i went to work at an office but now i am moving to texas and just came back a week or so to get extra money.

kid 1: but why are you moving to texas?

me: (taking the easier route) my husband is going to work at a church in texas and we have always wanted to live there.


me: laughing, you can die from fire ants?

kid 2: its really hot there, they don’t have water! did you know that if you want a pool you have to buy it there??

me: they don’t have water there??

kid 1: they have tornadoes there. You could live in tornado “valley!”

me: i am pretty sure that there are fire ants, water, pools, and tornadoes in both places.

kids: “OH” back to putting braids all over my hair!

This should be a great week- I love talking to kids one on one! Having 24 7 & 8 year old girls on my own at one time didn’t prove to be some fun moments for me today! Good thing it was only for an hour!

I am sure there will be more stories to come!



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  1. hahaha-i love this! and gosh, i love kids like that. especially the ones who like to braid your hair!

  2. oh the conversations never end! sounds like my talks with cayden!

  3. haha…this is awesome. i can’t wait till it’s our kids.

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