Fed up with Birth Control!

June 29, 2008 at 8:07 pm | Posted in Life | 17 Comments

Does anybody out there struggle with the whole birth control situation like I apparently do?

*Pills make me CRAZY, sick at my stomach, gain weight and I forget to take them.

*The patch I don’t trust. I have heard one to many stories.

*I had in the Implanon device which goes in your arm and lasts for 3 years- it was not working with my body. I will spare the details but I was really hoping it would work. I also gained a bunch of weight.

*I can’t have the IUD (mirena) because I haven’t had a baby yet. I honestly don’t know if i want to have it.

*There are other options but they pretty much require me to pay $30-50 a month and when I am heading straight into formula and diapers. I am not feeling that.

* and that leaves our final option- the good ole sock! I hate the C because I don’t feel like its fair to my husband but these days it seems like our only option. I do like them in the aspect that it is not running all these chemicals/hormones through my body. However- I just had my Implannon out last month and I have had cramps from HELL for about 24 hours now. I was up all night last night.

All this to say I am sooooo frustrated with birth control. Does anybody else feel my pain here???



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  1. I struggle with it too. The pill ends up being my best option but, like you, it does make me CRAZY. My doctor prescribed 1/2 of a zoloft for the last 7 active days and it makes all the difference…with the crazy that is. The cramping and stuff I just have to do the ibuprofen or aleve or whatever. Don’t know if that is a good option for you – but it works for me!

  2. This is silly but the link to the above comment led to my work site – sorry I was logged in with my work info. This comment has my personal link. heh.

  3. As you know, I’m getting married soon (friday to be exact) and i started on the pill a few months ago to see if i was going to have any problems with it, plus my cramps were so bad and my schedule was so whack that we had to do something. the pill actually works pretty well except for the occasional stomach unhappiness, but compared to the shape i was in before, i’m in heaven. as for other contraceptives, i can’t really give any advice considering i’ve never had sex before. but they do have me on a low-dose pill. i couldn’t imagine having the implant. i hope things get better…just don’t use the rhythm method!

  4. Hey Maris! I can’t take the pill since my blood pressure goes up and down so much but the IUD is something that my OB/GYN is encouraging me to get it. I have friends that have it and they love it! Some of them have never given birth, so maybe it could still be an option for you?
    I love the idea of an IUD since there are little or no hormones and very little maintenance. It could be getting mine soon.
    As of now, my husband and I are just very careful. Condoms. YUCK!

  5. GIrl. I am NEVER, repeat NEVER going back on that stupid pill again! UGH! I was PSYCHO on it!

  6. i LOVE it! keeps things tickin right along. try YASMIN. no weight gain, no bloating, and no cramps! praise the lord!

  7. you already know my issues with this!!! i hear ya, sister!!!

  8. Oh Maris! I am so sorry the Implanon did not work with you. It actually has been my favorite..no time of the month, $20 co-pay (could be for 3 years except we’re thinking about taking it out), don’t have to worry about remembering anything. The only thing is the anxiety putting it in brought and the anxiety of getting it taken out is giving me. AHH! If you can remember a pill…I agree with Rebecca..YASMIN was pretty side effect free for me! I just had a hard time remembering.

  9. Same here. Unfortunately, we felt the best for us was sticking with the condom. Not the funnest but when it comes time to trying for a baby it makes things alot more exciting. 😉

  10. Yep tried Yasmin- Hannah can testify to that experience in my life. She prayed for me in the break room at work because I couldn’t stop crying for no reason!!

    April I didn’t know you were thinking about taking it out! Have fun with that one!

    WOW it seems like we are not the only ones who have to wear the dreadful sock!
    I still think its my favorite form of birth control though!
    Thanks for all the comments ladies!

  11. Hey Maris,

    I just read your comment on “birth control”, I tried everything for about 10 years up until about 3 years ago. Most of it was due to different complications that I had been on the pill that long. I can’t think of one pill/patch/ring that did not do crazy stuff to me. Before we got pregnant with our first I started reading “Taking Control of You Fertility”. I know it sounds crazy, but it was great and it took away most of the month of having to deal with the “sock”. It is kind of couting, taking temp, etc all in one, but of course is all natural except when you have to use the “sock”. Just an idea. Yes, there is the possibility of getting pregnant if you “mess up” with something, but ultimatly with all things God is in control. Just thought I would share our findings. We really gave up “birth control” due to some knowledge that we had gained from a friend of our who is a midwife that totally changed our views on using ‘birth control” as apposed to contraception. Sorry so long!! Congrats on the resent update with August. We will be praying for you all!

  12. Maris–

    I also read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Great book. Changed my life and made things a lot easier without having to take the derned pill. Hate that thing. Makes me nuts. The only thing about fertility charting is that you need to be getting a consistent amount of sleep….actually at least three solid hours before your normal waking time, so you might have to wait till little August is a few months old.

    Oh, and “the sock”. Never heard that before. Hilar.


  13. Hey maris!!

    I am with you on this birth control issue!! We are about to start the adoption process. We feel that God is leading us to adopt our first child…so we are just waiting to hear from Him about what we need to do. So, for now, we just use the “sock”. Not my favorite but…much better than all of the other things we have tried! Can’t wait for little August to come along. I know exactly what it feels like to know that there is a baby out there that is yours….just waiting on God ot show you where he/she is. what an incredible feeling!!!

  14. Hey Maris –

    Just wanted you to know you are NOT the only one that’s been through this!!! The pill made me depressed and crazy. My Doc wanted to put me on anti-depressants because of it… I quickly found a new doctor. Nothing worked for me and so we are down to the “dreaded sock”… I SO understand.

    I suggest you read “Open Embrace… a Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception” by Sam and Bethany Torode. I think you will be amazed by some of the things that doctors don’t tell us.

    Been reading about your adoption process… we are praying with you!

    *shontel burney

  15. I have been married for 6 months and been on birth control for about 8. I had the IUD and now i’m on the ring. I suffer from depression and anxiety, but this is nothing like what i have ever felt before. I seriously feel crazy, I can’t seem to feel normal even with anti depressants. I feel bad using a condom. I just don’t know what to do…..

  16. i guess i’ll be the only male to venture on here & comment about birth control & condoms.

    i’m glad maris got off of birth control. i don’t think it’s fair that she has to endure chemical imbalances & depression & whatever else it causes…just for the sake of increasing my pleasure in sex.

    i’d rather use the condom & have a sane wife…then use birth control & see my wife suffer from such said side effects.

    just my two cents
    love you babe 🙂

  17. IUD:

    I have never had children, as you know my dear, and I have had the Paragard IUD for almost 3 years now. Its the most amazing thing ever and does not require a, “sock”!

    I’m excited for you about Baby August. How are you these days, will all of this going on?!


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