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TODAY is Steven and Ginger’s birthday. How fun is it to have your husband and your best friends birthday on the same day? They are both 28! So old now. So much wiser!

Here are 28 things I love about the both of them!

28. I love that Ginger’s sinus’ are constantly running and she always is sniffing it up really loud.

27. I love Steven’s really bad breath in the mornings.

26. I love Ginger’s sweaty feet and her small toe nails.

25. I love Steven’s pickiness about shoes. “One foot is bigger than the other.”

24. I love Ginger’s crazy hair that she doesn’t wash for 2 weeks but always seems to look amazing.

23. I love that Steven is so weird about how his bags have to be packed.

22. I love that Ginger has such a big smile!

21. I love Steven’s big hugs. They make me feel like the world is ok.

20. I love going to walmart with Ginger. We can always find something really cheap and make it cute.

19. I love Steven’s heart for his family and how he longs to be more apart of their lives.

18. I love Ginger’s heart for her family. She sticks by them and loves them.

17. I love Steven’s laundry that is laying around the house that him or I just folded. I just like it being close.

16. I love that I might be getting to see Ginger this summer!

15. I love how Steven doesn’t snore at night!

14. I love that Ginger snores at night!

13. I love Steven’s ability to change his style every 3 months. He has something “new” that he is wearing. Just watch.

12. I love that Ginger wear’s flip flops 347 days out of the year!

11. I love that Steven has a country back ground. I love seeing it pop out every now and then!

10. I love that Ginger and I could share clothes. I want that again!

9. I love that Steven is so supportive of who I am and dreams that I have. He wants me to be a stay at home mom and is fighting for that.

8. I love that Ginger chases her dreams. Even if it takes her to another state.

7. I love Steven’s heart for the world. Not just America. He has taught me so much.

6. I love that Ginger is about to experience Haiti. I can’t wait to hear what comes out of her after her trip.

5. I love that Steven watches my favorite shows with me and loves them too in secret!

4. I love that Ginger and I have know each other for so long that we can’t remember the first time we met.

3. I love getting to know Steven more everyday. Its crazy to think how we have grown since our honeymoon.

2. I love Ginger for the best friend that she will always be in my life. I love walking through each stage of our lives together. I love watching her struggle and have victories in her life. I love to see how she is trusting God and how He is blessing her. I love how patient she is. She teaches me so much about patience.

1. I love that Steven is truly my soulmate. He is the being that is beside me through everything. He is the best picture of God’s love in my life. He loves me and is patient even when he doesn’t want to be. I love seeing talents pour out of him. I love watching God use him. I love watching him struggle and fight to be a man of God. I love seeing his desire to be a dad continue to grow. He has so much to offer a child. I love you babe.



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  1. HAHAHA. i just laughed so hard, i had tears rolling down my face!!

    1. texas is easy on my sinuses… no sniffing here! come to tex-uhs!

    2. i don’t snore! it’s called “breathing heavy.” ha!

    3. yes! i miss our joint wardrobe more than you know!

    4. can’t wait to come back from haiti and tell you fun stories!

    gosh, i love you a ridiculous amount! you are such a wonderful friend and i wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world! yayy for birthdays! 🙂

  2. AWESOME POST! Those are some great things to love about those two!!!

  3. […] and maris‘ annual calling and singing me the most pleasant version of ‘happy birthday’ was […]

  4. why you hatin on my style? every 3 months? don’t make me bring up ex’s & their wardrobe style. 🙂

    love you so much…can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

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