Having the time of my life!

March 21, 2008 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Family, Memories, My Husband | 2 Comments

Hey from snowy Chicago!!! We are finally here and have been running around like crazy today. I wish you could see the snow coming down. It was so thick you had to just look at the ground while walking. I have laughed so much today and had so much fun. We ate a great breakfast this morning at the HoJo and then incredible Italian this afternoon. I am glad we are walking so much because I am eating so good food 🙂 We took the subway and you could tell that I don’t ride those often. I was not holding on and about fell over.

Jamie thanks so much for letting me borrow your jacket!! I don’t know what I would do without it!  We are heading to Ronnie’s Easter play tonight. He is so excited and apparently has to wear lots of makeup!  Then there will probably be more hanging, eating great food and walking through the beautiful snow!!

I love this city. It is so vibrant and people everywhere! I love all the beautiful colors of skin and blend of different people.

I love my husband so much. It means the world to me that he wants to wisk me away and spend time with me. We are having a blast. Stay tuned to his blog for more pictures!

P.s. CONGRATS MANDY AND ERIC ON YOUR BABY BOY!!!! We are so excited for you guys. You have been in my thoughts all day today.



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  1. okay …
    first of all YOU ARE WELCOME glad the coat is getting some use in some cold weather!!!

    second don’t you just LOVE chicago – I love it!!!

    third … so happy for mandy and eric … didn’t know it was a boy !!!! yippee for them!

  2. so glad to hear you guys are having a blast! love the pics on steven’s page… it looks wicked cold!

    yay for fun trips and WONDERFUL husbands!!

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