Worth fighting for

March 16, 2008 at 5:50 am | Posted in adoption, Church, Family, Life, love, Thoughts on God | 3 Comments

My thoughts have been so thick with adoption this last week. I can list the reasons we are doing this to you. There are several. I have often talked to people and heard people’s fears, reasons why they won’t adopt and praise for those who do. I was driving home tonight and heard a song by Veda called, “Desire on Repeat.” Now I really don’t know what the true meaning of this song is but tonight it meant something to me.

There are many fears about adoption. Here are a few.

1. What if the mom changes her mind and we get hurt. 2. What if the birthfather comes back into this child’s life and wants them back while we have them? 3. What would our family say if we adopted transracially? 4. How would life be raising a teenager that is a different race than we are? 5. Will they grow up and hate us one day? 6. What if they want to search for their birthmother one day? 7.How are we going to afford this? 8. Maybe one day.

Ok there are a few reasons for you to really question why you would ever get yourself into this. For us all of these questions have popped into our heads. As I sat and listened to the lyrics of this song tonight and made them my own, tears streamed down my face. There are so many reasons that you could come up with to not do this but I ask you that if you have never considered adoption I ask that you truly pray about it. There is a huge need. There is something about loving on a child and giving that mom a chance to make a choice for her and her baby. There is something about adopting orphans whether it be out of country or in our very own country and giving them a home. There is something about what God did for us as gentiles.

Passage James 1:27:
27Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Tonight there were several parts of these lyrics that stuck out to me as we are moving in the direction of adoption.

I don’t want to deny my heart its chance to feel
I don’t want to deny my soul something real

And this desire is worth the fighting
But is it worth deciding that I am just like you?

Disrupt the part of me that needs some space
Repeat that look I see in you face
Remind me of truth
Remind me of the reason for existing
Remind me of truth
Remind me of the reason for existing

Were we not all orphans at one time? I can’t let this part of me not exist because of my fear. This is WORTH FIGHTING FOR- I find that it is myself that I have to fight. It is fear, it is doubt of God’s provision, it is laziness.

I ask that you please consider this. If it is not adopting into your family maybe you can be the hands and feet of the church in supporting someone who is. There are so many ways to support adoption.



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  1. Hey Mare! Guess who finally got a blog!? Yep, I finally joined this world of blogging. But my site is private and I’m only letting a handful of people in. I’ve added you to my ‘private’ list and just wanted to inform you! I needed away to stay connected to all my busy and far away friends. Hopefully this will help when we can’t talk on the phone every few weeks.
    It sounds like God truly is preparing you to be a mother and I’m so excited. It’s beautiful!! I’ll be in Cookeville soon if you are near by and want to visit (I won’t have a car). Call me and let me know what you’ll be up to and maybe we can hang out! I love you my lil Mare and miss you like crazy!!

  2. this is a great post maris! and i love that passage.

  3. I heard your paperwork is off!! YEA! So excited for you! Have fun in Chicago. Loved the post! Shawnah

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