Rush Limbaugh speaks again

March 9, 2008 at 8:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

“Let’s just say there is a joint ticket between Obama and Hillary and they come to an agreement over who’s on top. Therefore, you’ve got a woman and a black, first time ever on the Democratic ticket (clears throat, laughs) They don’t have a prayer. ”

In America are we not known as the melting pot of the world? Are we not here for freedom, for a chance for opportunity? Why do people want to come here?  Are all presidents supposed to be white men? Are white men superior to black men and a women in general? Are they smarter? Are they better at defending this country? What about a white man makes him better than a black man?

Mr. Limbaugh I believe that that statement reveals a little racism deep inside your heart. I think that comment was VERY uncalled for whether you are a democrat or a republican.



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  1. At what seems to be an alarming rate, R.L. has been putting his foot in his mouth, one dirty sole at a time…

    I loved your post “Letter to me” you are so awesome and thought provoking!

  2. Stating a fact is not showing racism. It is stating, that as unfortunate as it may be, racism still exists in the world. He simply stated what others have also stated, that two firsts in this regard would not likely succeed.I did not hear him say anything about “a black” man not being qualified or able to do the job or get elected. That would be racist. The truth is, that up to this point, it has never happened. It is not racism to state this fact. I am not defending everything he or anyone else has to say. But to call him a racist for stating a fact that this is not likely to happen because it is too many firsts…is being judgmental mostly because of who he is in conservative circles because if political advisors or analysists said the same thing it would be taken as wise counsel.

  3. anonymous – his statement & tone & the fact the said “a black” is perceived as racism. he might not have inteded it to be…but it comes across as that. that is the mindset of so many people, and it is detrimental to the idea that all people are created equal. you can state the fact all you want…but the way he said it, the tone & sarcastic laugh is what isn’t right. it’s under the radar subtle racism at it’s best.

  4. he could be racist. he could be sexist. he could be a scary combination of the two… as could many of the people we encounter on a daily basis.

    one thing is for certain… now is a great opportunity for change. to begin to change the mindset of america. (rl included!)

  5. Everytime I feel like our country (and the “Christian” community for that matter) takes a step forward, some ignorant person reminds me that we aren’t as far along as I’d like to think.

    It doesn’t matter to me if his comment wasn’t overtly racist or sexist. The undertone is there and by his long pause and laugh it was made obvious. His words alone should throw up all sorts of flags. I’m hoping and praying that this election will end with the right person in office…no matter what their age, color, or race may be.

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