My advice to me at 17

March 9, 2008 at 3:19 am | Posted in Family, Life, love, Memories, My Husband | 6 Comments

Have you ever heard the song by Brad Paisley called, “Letter to Me?” Well if you sit and think for a while about what you would say to yourself at age 17 that you know now it could get pretty interesting. Here are some of my thoughts that I wish I could have told myself back then that I know now.

*Stay away from guys in highschool!  🙂 Leave the ones you did pick out alone!

*Go buy a Chi for your hair. It looks terrible! Start straightening it!

*Don’t kiss anybody or do anything because you have an INCREDIBLE husband waiting for you.

*Start learning how to cook now. Be in the habit of cleaning now. This will all be easier one day if you build these habits in now.

*There is more to this life than just getting married and having babies. Your impact doesn’t just stop there.

*Enjoy those moments with your friends. That is your only chance to be around some of them. Talk about life with them. Talk about family with them. Get to know them deeper than what you know. Take advantage of that time you have when you are on a basketball or softball team with them. Talk about life. Encourage and love!!

*Look outside of highschool walls. There is a huge, hurting world out there that you get the chance to help change.

*Spend more time learning from your grandparents. There are things that they can teach you that you could carry with you for the rest of your life. You will regret not learning how to sew from your grandmother and hearing war stories and hard times from your grandfather. They won’t be around so long. You will regret not learning how to cook from from momaw while she still has her memory. You will regret not learning how to buy and strip antique furniture and make mexican cornbread from pop. You will regret not loving on the 4 of them a lot more than what you did.

*Your parents love you. They will prove this to you through time. They trust you so trust them. Listen to those great talks of encouragement from your dad. There is nobody that can pick you up the way he does and make you feel better about yourself. Your mom is going to be a great friend one day. One of your best friends. Don’t blow off what she has to say all the time. Your brother has a huge heart. Cut him some slack. Stop arguing so much. There are much bigger things out there than fighting with your family.

*Start dreaming now about what you would love to do with your life. Don’t wait til its time to make those decisions. Dream big. Chase after them and finish them.

*Just enjoy each moment. It won’t happen again.

What would you tell yourself at 17??



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  1. wow. this just hit me hard. not that you had bad hair (um… i think we BOTH did!) but that our perspectives change so much in the few years after high school.

    it makes me wonder what a letter to current selves will look like in 10 years. what am i missing right now? how can i make the most of every moment? i my hair really that bad?

    ha! i’ll work on this and try to post it tomorrow. good thoughts, my friend. good thoughts.

  2. There are so many things I would write. I think I might just post about this one too. What a great post Maris…I think you rock my friend!

  3. I too think I’ll be writing about this soon.

    Great thoughts.

  4. As someone who knew you when you were 17, I loved reading this! I think I just need to say “ditto” to my 17-year old self. I love you friend!

  5. Teri I love you! You were a huge part of making highschool so special. We both struggled with the guy thing huh? Oh how I used to love sharing our stories 🙂 Love you so much.

  6. hey… you forgot to mention that steven is WAY hotter than any other guy you dated… and he could kick them all in the ass with his eyes closed.

    i’m just sayin.

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