Its easy to zone out

March 8, 2008 at 1:58 am | Posted in Church, Consumption, God, Life, love, My Husband, poverty, Questions, Random, The American Dream, Thoughts on God, Work | Leave a comment

Today was a long long day at work. We were all really tired and ready to go home early. We work until 5:00 and usually are rushing to get things done by then. Today we had everything done by 3:30. It was rainy and cold outside and as I would look out the window the only place I wanted to be was in my pj’s, in my favorite chair, eating and watching TV. Not to mention that I have been fighting off being sick all week. Today was not a day that I felt great.

I stopped on the way home to get a couple of groceries and had my entire car salted by the salt truck that drove by me! Finally I was home and exactly where I wanted to be. You see all day all I wanted was comfort. I wanted to be out of the clothes I was in, by myself, eating a great dinner that I love and not thinking but watching tv.

As I flipped through the channel’s I started thinking of people who may not have this comfort that I do. I stated thinking of a lonely man walking the streets on this bitter cold and rainy night. I thought about people that might not have electricity, heat, internet and lights.  I ran through the channel’s and saw video footage of our soldiers running through the streets in a country that is not theirs knowing they could die at any moment. I thought about sweet kids in haiti and all over the world that may not have eaten today. Somehow I can’t enjoy my comfort anymore. All I wanted to do was sit, watch tv and not think about anything. Isn’t it so easy to detach yourself from the outside world? Its so easy to live your life for YOUR comfort. I am not saying that a night on the couch watching tv is bad, its just that I can’t make this my lifestyle. I can’t keep feeding this monster of comfort inside of me. So tonight I am trying to not detach myself. I need to work harder at not zoning out all the time and acting like there is not a dying world outside my front door. Tonight I have never been more thankful for this house, my furniture, warm blankets, clothes, food to eat, a laptop to write this blog from, a husband that I am madly in love with, and the silence that fills these 4 walls. I recognize that they are nothing that I have done. It drives me  to give as I have been given.

How do you zone out? What do you fill your time with in order to not think about reality?


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