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March 2, 2008 at 5:56 am | Posted in Random, Updates | 9 Comments

Today has been a great day.

*It started off with me babysitting Cayden and Deacon. I LOVE watching them. Cayden ran around like Spiderman and I chased him being some kind of fictional character that was obviously an opponent. Deacon wasn’t feeling good so I took advantage of his cuddley mood:)

*I then went to get my car washed. We have a white car and I honestly can’t tell you how long it has been since we have washed it. We are talking months! It was getting to be a bit of a tan color. I found this new place in the boro that you drive up to, pay your money, put your car in neutral and away you go to cleanliness!! I loved it! It brought back so many memories of me sitting in my dad’s lap as he took the car to get it cleaned up and he would let me “drive” through the car wash. Those we fun times. After your car is washed they let you have the vacuum and rug cleaner for free! So I vacuumed the car out and cleaned my mats. While I was vacuuming I sucked my new favorite headband right up. The vacuum went to about 50% of its sucker power. I told the nice man who worked there and he dug around and found my headband! I thought it was gone forever. I then drove off with a shiny clean car and in love with this car cleaning place.

*I bought some really cute heels today. I love them but I have got to be honest they kill my feet. I am trying to find a way to get them to not hurt. They are the pointy kind in the front with a decent heel on them. I love them, they are sexy lookin shoes but they murder my feet! Does anybody else have this problem? Maybe I am to tall?ย  Maybe I am buying the wrong shoes? I am finding some way to make them work because I love them so much.

*I then headed to run errands all day and ate dinner with the parentals. We went to Toot’s, feasted on some fried pickles, had great convo and went shopping. This is my mom and I’s favorite times. I called it a day and came home to start cleaning the house.

*After cleaning a while I popped in my FAVORITE movie of all time. There is no other movie that compares. NONE. I love “Pride and Prejudice.” It will never get old. My friend let me borrow it and I think it gets better everytime I watch it. It makes me want to run through a field in the early morning in a beautiful dress and see Steven walking in the distance with a dark coat with long coat tails and boots. I then proceed to tackle him ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this movie. I want to sit down with my daughter(s) one day and watch this movie and after it is all over tell them that they really can have this love despite what the world tells you. I hope that they would see this love between their father and I first. It inspires me in so many ways. I love it! I am folding towels now and waiting til my man gets here in an hour or so. We MIGHT make it to church in the morning. We may just sleep in. We don’t get to do that much! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I know I just had a very relaxing day!!



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  1. hey maris!!

    i have the same problem with heels. but i’ve started getting insoles, even if it’s just for the toe or heel part…and it adds a little bit of cushioning and really helps.

    i’m a huge pride and prejudice fan too!! the field scene is definitely the best!

  2. In my humble opinion, a day that ends with jane austen is the best kind of day there is! i love what you said about showing it to your girls one day. i completely feel the same way. have you ever watched the 6 hour BBC miniseries of pride & prejudice w/ colin firth? if you haven’t–you HAVE go go rent it right now–it’s so good! i love you friend & miss you so much!

  3. oops–just sent that from the wrong blog. anyways, i meant to tell you one more thing–i also LOVE going to the carwash b/c it reminds me of being a kid!

  4. okay girl – first of all THANKS so much for watching my boys. Second sometimes looking good hurts! I once had a woman tell me that looking good is much more important than feeling good! Ha! I have a pair of shoes that if I don’t wear them often they hurt when I do, but if I wear them once a week or so my feet eventually get used to the pain and they adjust to my feet in those areas!!! good luck!

  5. Oh I suffer for shoes too honey. Check out the new site… remember what I said about donating. I am totally commited to you guys!


    Its on my blog too!!!

    The boys sound so adorable! My niece Ivy has been such a joy to me lately. She is just starting to scoot around (aka crawl) and she is so funny!! You are gonna be an amazing mommy!!! I hope we can meet up someday with all of our kids and sit around talking about diapers and toys!!!!!



  6. Holly here. You are so my twin. P&P is also my fave movie of all time! I am still on bedrest and waiting for my girls and I just might put it in this morning! Thanks for the inspiration. And, I too want to run through the field to my hub. Mr.Darcy actually reminds me of my babydaddy. No matter what the world says, our daughters can experience true love! About the shoes, seriously, don’t kill your feet! You are gorgeous, tall, long-legged without heels! I suggest some ballet flats or a good wedge. Seychelles is my brand of choice for wedges and I can usually find them on sale at the end of season at Dillard’s.

  7. I feel ya on the white car. Mine’s absolutely disgusting. I need to visit your friends at the carwash.

    And Maris…I’ve never seen Pride and Prejudice. We need to remedy this. I can just hear the gasps from you and Rachel right now!

  8. The Monster Car Wash!!! I love that place, even though I only wash my car about every couple of months. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You should really try the shoe gels that are made for heals. I love them. They make my heals feel so much better!

    I love that movie too! I love that it is a wonderful romance that doesn’t make you embarrassed to watch it. It also makes me want to wear dresses like that all of the time!

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