Top 10 things I miss about my man… and a few more!

January 20, 2008 at 4:43 am | Posted in love, My Husband | 3 Comments


10. I miss cooking large extravagant meals for him. (haha) More like I miss him cooking for me!

9. I miss how much more clean the house stays when he is home.

8. I miss his hair from his beard laying all over the bathroom counter and floor when he  “trims his beard.”

7. I miss putting my cold feet on him right before going to sleep and him wiggling away from me and laughing.

6. I miss the smell of coffee brewing in the air.

5. I miss his music.

4. I miss him smoking his pipe while driving around town in our car.

3. I miss his laugh.

2. I miss his smell.

1. I miss our talks.

0. I miss…..  🙂

-1. I miss him!!

I could go on and on. We are almost there baby! Its been a long week but absence makes the heart grow fonder!!!



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  1. i hate his smell.

  2. 2 more days!! i can’t wait to get home

  3. I miss her…. 🙂

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