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January 19, 2008 at 7:43 pm | Posted in AIDS, Church, Consumption, God, poverty, The American Dream | 1 Comment

This whole week I have been chewing on the sermon from last week at church. This guy named Reid Monaghan spoke about missions and creation. These are some thoughts that won’t leave my mind from that sermon. I can’t stop chewing on them.

He talked about America. It was SO REFRESHING to hear someone be straight forward about the American culture from the pulpit. He talked about the beloved, “American Dream.” He stated that all the american dream leads us to is lonliness and wasted expectaions. Just go with me there for a second. That might offend some however lets look at our own lives and what we see on tv and everywhere else around us. People want more and more. We are sick with consumption. We think we deserve it. “We have worked hard for what we have.” That statement makes me want to throw up. We think we own everything we have. What will we leave this planet with? What will we take with us? When we die, we will take nothing. What makes us any different from the man over in Africa? When you die and stand side by side there is no difference. We are no better than that man because we have a house or a car. We are all the same no matter what amount of wealth, what color we are, our work ethic, our location. We are all the same! We put expectations on ourselves and what we want our lives to look like. We get lonely because nothing is ever good enough. It is a trap and we are sick with consumption. When we work so hard for one thing we get bored with it and go on to the next thing. IT IS NOT FULLFILLING nor will it ever be. So why do we continue? Why do we keep chasing? Why are we not learning from Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes? Are those words written in there for us to ignore?

I have been increasingly frustrated as I see myself, the church as a whole, America and the rest of the world. I have seen true poverty with my own eyes in Haiti. I have seen and heard stories from my husbands eyes in Peru and Africa. I have heard more and more stories from Licia and Lori over in Haiti. It is overwhelming. There are tempting thoughts that enter my mind like, “Lighten up Maris. That is not you, we are in America. Just ignore it and live your life.” However it will not let me go. Once I have been there I cannot go backwards. I must change.

This week I have been so down. Its all just to much. How do we fix this? How can we get people to stop chasing personal gain and help others? How can we change the way church is now? How do I learn how to love? How do I let go of the possesions I treasure? How can I look at them as they are on loan and I am not the owner? How? How?

The one thing that Reid reminded us of last week is that there is something wrong. There is something wrong with the church. It IS NOT WORKING. We have to change. We have to move. We cannot stay where we are at. We are bored.  We are in debt with our buildings and programs. We cannot move because we are trapped by debt. There is something wrong. There is something wrong with America. No matter what president we have he will never fix all of our problems. Will America ever snap out of it? Will we ever stop chasing the dream of success? There is something wrong with the world. There is poverty that is an epidemic. There is AIDS. There is violence. There is hate. Its all to much.

There is redemption. There is a longing for redemption. We want something. We are longing for something to save us. He is weaving redemption among us. Maybe this is what I needed to see this week. I have been so discouraged. I have longed for redemption more this week than I ever have in my life. I long to be rescued from all of this. In all of this I have seen the desperate need for God this week. There is nothing but God that can save us from this. Its to bad. He is all we have. He is hope. He will save us. He is the answer that the world needs. We start with where we are and we try to share that message with everyone we can. He is our redemption. He teaches me how to love. He teaches me how to help. He teaches us to let go. He teaches us how to change. He teaches us what is important in this life. He teaches me that there is nothing in this world worth desiring but Him. It his Him. He is the answer to every question.

The load is lighter.


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  1. Reid is a pastor from our church. INCREDIBLE man and beautiful family.

    I love it when a revelation from God makes us uncomfortable. Stretching what we think we know and believe. My heart agrees with you in so many ways. It’s a great tragedy when we think that our reality is how the world really is.

    The first time I went to Haiti, my prayer was to never see the world in the same way. And thank God…He is continuing to give me eyes to see it His way!

    I love you girl!

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