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January 12, 2008 at 5:47 pm | Posted in Life, My Husband, Random, Thoughts on God, Updates | 7 Comments

*Well Steven is gone and I have lots of plans for this weekend already but am a little frustrated that I cannot find my Tivo remote!!! I cannot work my tv without it at all!! I have been saving stuff to watch for when Steven leaves and now I can’t watch any of it! If anybody has an extra one or knows where I can get one let me know because its going to be a looonng week without it. I have turned the house upside down looking for it!!

*I can’t wait to see my friend Jamie at dreamingbigdreams.wordpress.com and hear all of her stories! I miss her so much.

*Steven should be getting into Ethiopia within the next couple of hours. Poor guy will be exhausted. When he gets there it will be like 9:00pm and he just flew through the night! I miss him so much already but he left me notes all over the house to remind me of him and flowers too! SO excited for him. So much of Steven’s life is a team effort of great friends (which I wouldnt trade for anything!!) living out the journey that God continues to show them but this is something special. This is his baby. I love the chances he gets to learn and grow in something that God could use him for so much more in the future. I could never be more proud of him.

*I tried this new bakery here in the boro last night. I am a HUGE fan. My weakness is sweets. Its Julia’s bakery and they have about anything you could want. Its huge and a cute little date place. Maybe I will take my man there when he gets back!

*I am really seeing the need for people to get out of this courtry and visit somewhere else in this world. I really think it changes every part of you and your thinking. I think it is so crucial for us to go and not just come home and be thankful for “America” but just to have a heart for people outside of this land. Sometimes I just feel so claustrophobic and need to get out for a bit. I have to go somewhere this year. I need it for my soul.

*I am so ready to be a mom. I have no idea when we will be able to get August but I feel like it will be a little while. The other night we were over at the Ivey’s and Jamie is of course in Haiti and while we were talking C woke up and was crying out for his mommy. He missed her. This woke up a huge part of my heart. Why does it just pull everything in me and make me long for that so much that it brings me to tears? It is a longing that grows and grows. I know that some days are crazy for you moms but I beg you to be so thankful today for your kids. You are so blessed! I know that I am blessed too, I just look forward to that blessing.

*I am trying to be reading my Bible everyday. I decided that if I have the time to read blogs and check my facebook daily I have time to read my Bible. It is has been so good. How I have missed that book more than I thought I did!

*In highschool I used to listen to Crystal Lewis’ “Beauty for Ashes” CD before I went to bed almost every night. I would put on the last 4 or 5 songs and go to sleep to them. I recently found them again and man they have been incredible. I can’t explain the peace that they speak to my heart. She says so much. If you haven’t heard this record and you need some “Jesus” time I would encourage you to get it. Some may be a little old school but gosh its so timeless for me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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  1. i remember that CD!! soooo old school. but sooooo good!

  2. hey friend! i wish we could have gone with the boys this week, but hopefully one day we can! i’ll be praying for you as steven is away….i know how difficult it can be. i listened to that cd ALL THE TIME in high school but I haven’t heard it in years!! i’ll have to look for it again. love you & miss you so very very much!

  3. Ms. Maris,

    Could we maybe hang out one night this week?? Would love to have dinner! Let me know what your schedule looks like.

    Love you!

  4. baby…i love you so much, and you are going to make an awesome mom. i can’t wait to see you with our children. it’s going to be awesome.

    bakery? sounds amazing.

    tivo? i hid it from you…if i can’t watch tv then you can’t. haha..just kidding. i’ll check my bag for it. ha.

    love you so much!

  5. ha ha ha… it would be hilarious if steven found the remote in his bag in africa. ha!

  6. Just checking in to tell you I’ve been thinking about you lately. Adoption, life, your husband away…. “I’ve been keeping up with his time in Africa. The picts of the children there are amazing!” Anyway, just saying hi and hope you are well.

  7. Thanks so much Kim! You are so sweet. Thanks for keeping up with us. Can’t wait for my man to be home!!

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