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December 31, 2007 at 3:03 am | Posted in Random | 8 Comments

* I have been loving the newest Nelly Furtado album. Love her. Sometimes when I am in my car alone I pretend I have a microphone and that I am Nelly and sing really loud and put out some awesome dance moves! My favorite song is “Say it right.”

* I just bought a northface fleece/small jacket thing (with Christmas money- thanks mom!) and I think I could wear it everyday of my life- I just might!

* I am about to majorly downsize my closet. I am hoping to cut it in half. I waste way to much of my time trying to find something to wear! I want to simplify!

* My mom bought me this statue thing of 2 parents and a baby (supposed to be August and us- I love it!!) and I was trying to figure out how it goes together and I just broke the dude’s arm off. Sorry mom! I hid it well though- anybody got any superglue?

* I have the 2 half gallons that the Ivey’s brought over the other night of disgusting egg nog sitting in my sink. I put them there and forgot about them and now they are spoiled!

* I was laughing to myself this morning when Steven left because he was wearing a black/gray scarf, black tshirt, black hoodie, NAVY BLUE pants, brown/white belt, black socks and gray shoes on!! Does anybody see anything wrong with this picture? Oh lets not forget the black beanie on his head! I can’t believe he mixes these colors and gets away with them! I really think that the guys need to have an intervention talk with him.

* Steven won’t let me take the Christmas tree down until he gets home. I am fine with this but I plugged it in and the lights won’t work. I don’t think I ever got ready for Christmas this year.

* We have SO MUCH leftover food in our fridge from this Christmas. My pantry and fridge have never been so packed and its all going bad day by day. I am excited about the package of oreo’s I found up there hiding!

* My tags expire Tuesday. Do I have time to get them renewed? No. Ohh Steven…

*I bought a book from Target today- “Knitting for Dummies.” Can’t wait to read it! Maybe I could have a career at knitting after I read this book.

*My house is a wreck. I will clean tomorrow.



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  1. If you need any help knitting, I know how to make scarves. From there, you are on your own but I would love to help! 🙂 Want to come over some time this next week? For dinner?

  2. why you got to hate on me on your blog? you know i’m color blind.

  3. haha… you choose to be color blind!! I hate on your because I think you are pretty hot!!

  4. um … i would love to see this singing going on in the car!

    sorry about the eggnog … glad it’s not in my fridge though!!!!

    teach me to knitt after you learn!

    my tags expired in Nov … Aaron’s in no hurry to get them done!

  5. you’re totally domesticated… you get excited about buying dust busters and learning to knit. when did we grow up?!?!?

    i hear you about downsizing the closet! i’ve gone through my own closet 3-4 times this year and thrown away anything i haven’t worn in 9 months or more. i LOVE the simplicity of it! now i’m trying to get to the point of when i buy something new like a coat or jeans, i replace an old one and give it away, rather than just collecting a closet full.

    commmmmmmme to dallllllllllllllas!

  6. i love random bloggy goodness!! and I love maris bush.

  7. KNITTING!!!! Now your talkin baby!!!! Knitting keeps me sane!! Make sure to show us your progress. You’ll be making baby booties in no time.

  8. Knitting.

    I used one of those books and actually knit some scarves. I will post a picture of one soon. It was frustrating at first but once I got the hang of it things got better.

    I would suggest having yarn and needles to practice with as you read.

    Knitting (at least for me) takes forever!!! I think I may stick with crocheting scarves…like I am a pro at that…HA.

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