September 22, 2007 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Here are some really random thoughts I have had today:

1. http://www.smartusa.com/ These cars really intrigue me. I know I know- learn how to do the link thing! Anyway I would be very interested in one of these one day. You should check them out!

2. I LOVE some Smokin Ed’s BBQ. I had to stop and get some on the way home today. Best BBQ in Tennessee!

3. Do you ever have those times when you store away thoughts to tell your husband all day and then when you talk to him you pretty much throw up on him before he ever says anything besides “hi?” All day I think of little things that I want to tell Steven. Today I did it again. I just get so excited to talk to him!!

4. I “read” the book (cliffnotes) “Wuthering Heights” in highschool with my crazy, lovesick senior english teacher. I remember liking it and so I just got it in the mail from Netflix. I sat down to watch it this afternoon and found it to be pretty twisted. I even turned it off toward the end. Maybe I will finish it before I send it back but it got kinda creepy and I DO NOT do creepy without Steven home! Bummer- I love anything by the Bronte sisters.

5. Our Publix is opening on Wednesday!!! I have been so excited about this. I love Publix!!

6. I am still really loving my job. See what happens when I listen to God’s voice in my life? What if I had of passed up this opportunity to stay where it was comfortable? This was a really good move for me. I feel like a girl again. I got so tired of wearing shorts and a polo shirt. I get to play dressup everyday now!!! I am sure this will get old but for now its so much fun everyday.

7. Does anyone know how to spell check on this blog thing? I know you all laugh at my mis-spellings and gramatical errors. Just keep in mind that I have been out of school for a while! I need to practice in my Harbrace!!

8. Do you know that this is premier week? I think most of the popular shows are showing their first episode this week! I watched the Grey’s Anatomy interviews. I think I might have gotten the gist of the whole first episode!

9. Steven and I are fighting off the dog itch again. Its funny at this point in our marriage we are learning to make a tad bit better decisions. We just need to stay out of Petland!!

10. Have you ever heard of the “Puffy Muffin” in Brentwood? Well we had their food brought into work this week and can I just say it was incredible! We also had “The 5 Senses” from the good ole Boro bring us food. I felt like a queen. Thank you Lord for drug reps!!



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  1. mmmm… smokin’ eds is amaaaazing! but i DO love me some whitts bbq. man, i miss my tn bbq!

    when can we see your bday pics?!?

    so glad you’re loving your new job!

  2. I love Smokin Eds! And I love the Puffy Muffin. Did they bring you the fruit tea? It’s the bomb!!

    I’m so glad I got to see you on Sunday, but I’m so sad that I didn’t get to talk to you for long.

    Clebert Bush! I love it!

    Love you!

  3. regarding food and drug reps- when i was a senior at union i worked at a walk-in clinic doing filing/computer stuff and every single day there was food brought in. i am not exaggerating. i think maybe 5 times out of the 5 months i worked there did i not see a table full of catered food. i was training for the half marathon then so it was a daily battle!!!

    🙂 hope you have a good week

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