Deeper Still

September 9, 2007 at 2:00 am | Posted in Life, Thoughts on God, Uncategorized | 2 Comments


Well this weekend I had the incredible honor to sit under 3 amazing women. Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Aurthor unpacked the word this weekend and explained it beautifully. I am so encouraged by these 3 women. I fully believe that these women are annointed by the same God that lives in me and it was beautiful to see God use them to impact 23,000 women these last 2 days. I loved that Priscilla had only been married for 8 years with 2 small children. Beth has been married for 20 something years with 2 adult children and Miss Kay is 72 and has been married for 40 something years. They were all 3 at different parts of their own journey and what an honor to hear their stories.

I have heard of Priscilla Shirer from many people and have heard that she really does an amazing job at speaking. I loved her. I thought she brought so much personality to this weekend and its amazing to see that at age 18 she had started her journey of speaking in front of many women. She talked about who we are in Christ and the more we know God the more we will understand His voice when he speaks to us. She began opening up David’s life.

I have always loved Beth Moore (so many women do) and was so excited to hear her somewhere other than a video series. She has a strange way of walking up on stage and going right to the heart. She did an amazing job talking especially to the women who are hurting in their journey of life right now. She talked about how we are allowed to hurt through those situations but we need need to deal with our disappointment with God. We sometimes think He does things “out of character.” We have a choice in these situations. We will be ruled by something and it will be that we trust God or we do not. She also talked about how important it is to fight through those hurts and trust God wholeheartedly. He is good. No matter what happens. There was so much more.

Miss Kay (as everyone called her this weekend) walked us through her testimony and the life of David. This women has been through so much. She explained that there were many things in her past that she could have used as an excuse to hide behind but chose to let those things go and move forward with her journey with God. She had broken her foot and while she was speaking she literally wheeled around that stage in a wheelchair, with one foot the entire time. This women is 72 years old and is ALIVE and passionate. She ended the talks with David’s last half of his life and how the decisions that snowballed with Bathsheba came back to haunt him later in life also. We talked about the effect of sin and the fact that it always takes you so much farther than you ever wanted to go.

Each of these women gave a 2 hour talk so you can imagine I am having a lot to process! What an amazing weekend. God is doing so much in my life right now and I just love Him so much more than I ever have. My heart was so burdened for those who are struggling with infertility or waiting patiently for a child. I hurt for the women that were in that room that Beth had read emails from who had lost children prior to the confrence. I know that I was not one of those women hurting deeply in that arena but I also know that my day is coming for some kind of deep hurt. I am encouraged to be as ready for these trials as I can be and to not be disappointed or let down by God. I want to fight and trust Him. I could go on and on. It was a great weekend!



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  1. so glad you were able to go to this. I wish I could have been there too! Love you girl.

  2. It was truly amazing how God spoke through those 3 wasn’t it??

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