What can happen in a week?

September 2, 2007 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Life, My Husband, Thoughts on God | 7 Comments

This will go down as a monumental week in our marriage. Do you ever have those times in your life that you feel as if you are standing still and everything around you is changing. Almost like you are standing on a stage and the old backdrop is being changed out and the the new one is right before your eyes. This is how my life feels right now. I feel changed. I feel closer to God than I have EVER felt in my life. I feel a clear direction being laid right in front of me and the choice to follow is now in my hands. I feel new. I feel laughy and giggly with my amazing sexy husband. I look at him and cannot believe how much God loves me.
I got a new job this week. God is doing something with Steven and I and I am chomping at the bit right behind God’s heels. Its crazy to think that this last Sunday I felt stuck in this life. I felt like there was no way out and no change coming for a long time.
This Journey with God is changing. He is opening my eyes to new ways to love Him. I am growing passionate about helping and loving people. I am desiring obediance more than I ever have. He is changing me. He is teaching me how to love. I can’t get enough of this life. I can’t get enough of God. More to come later.



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  1. All I can say is BOY DO I GET YOU THIS WEEK! I understand!!!!!! And I too, can’t wait to see what happens!!!

  2. where are you working now Maris?

  3. i am so excited for you!!! what a beautiful thing God is working in and around the people i care so much about. what a joy to celebrate and participate in each others’ journey! love you!!!

  4. i am very happy for you 🙂 its so encouraging to know that it really can all change in the blink of an eye (eek, cliche i know). it makes me very hopeful seeing you so excited about things. hoping to hear more about it soon.

  5. yay for your new job!!

  6. YEAH! Congrats on the new job! Where are you working??

  7. Hey Mel, I am working at an OBGYN office here in the boro. Its right next to the Murfreesboro hospital. This is a big change for me but I am so excited 🙂

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