What would we do without our friends?

August 7, 2007 at 5:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

We have so much to be thankful for. Steven and I are so blessed to have some wonderful friends in our lives. Steven’s truck has been acting up here lately and I don’t know what he would have done without Jesse Cosby on Saturday. His truck was towed and Jesse came and picked him up! Jesse and Tamera we love you guys so much and are so thankful for your hearts for serving people.

Well tonight- we ate at Pei Wei, ran by the mall and then on to Hayden and Rebecca’s new house. We loved their house! We were blown away by their handiness!!
As we were leaving my husband, (RED Foreman) was bragging about how reliable his Ford F-100 is and how great of a truck it is and what great shape its in and yada yada yada. Well he spent all day working on it with his wonderful friend Clay who was his wingman on Saturday (the day from H-E-Double Hockey Stick). Did I mention that we took it for a spin tonight on our date night? Well we pull out of their driveway and the BRAKES go out!!!! Yes, we are coasting and not stopping while heading toward a main road. Meanwhile I have to pee. Basicly we plowed through a convient store window and finally stopped. Just kidding- I love the shock value it adds so much more excitement!! Anyway we finally get it to stop by throwing it in park. Hayden and Rebecca come driving down to get us while I am about to pee all over myself. They were so sweet to drive us home! Thank you guys so much- we owe you. So once again Sarge is out of commission. THIS is why I love my Santa Fe. It cranks everytime! However the truck is 31 years old. These things have probably never messed up before and honestly the thing runs incredible since he worked on it all day. I love that my honey is so handy. I prayed and prayed for this in my husband. Once we get the brakes fixed we are good to go! Who knows- I might even drive it 🙂73_f100.jpg


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  1. what is it with you having to pee in cars?!?

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