I love my job!

August 3, 2007 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Work | 1 Comment

Well today officially marks the last day of summer! For 9 weeks I have been getting up at 5am to run around with these crazy kids!!
Today was kinda sad. This morning I went in at 6 and at 11 all the kids lined up and loaded onto the bus for their last field trip of the summer. They got to go to Wave Country today and they were sooooo excited! Not all of them stay for the school year and for some of them this was the last time I would see them maybe forever or next summer. They were all getting their things together and standing in line waiting for us to send them to the bus and I walked down the line to make sure they had all of their stuff and as I did I started thinking about how much I truly love these kids. I am very hard on them sometimes and I don’t like to be but for some the staff at the club is the only teacher they have in their lives. Our goal is to help them grow into successful adults and make smart decisions about life. We work so hard for them but I see them changing me. I am learning tough love. I am learning how incredibly important it is to have dicipline in my life. I look forward to having a family one day but I love these kids and where I am at now. They absolutely DRIVE me crazy sometimes but they also add so much to my life. I have really hard/stressful days every now and then (this morning being one of them) but they seem to take everything away sometimes. I run a program called Smart Girls and I love to hear these girls open up and talk about what is going on in their lives. Yesterday we had one of our best talks. We talked about respecting ourselves. This category is so broad! This could be food, boys, beauty and many other things but it all ties together. I am glad summer is over but I will really miss some of them.
However- the stomach virus is going around and they were dropping like flies earlier today. I cannot handle throw up!!
I have washed my hands several times and I am crossing my fingers hoping it stays away from me!!


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  1. i’m sure those kids love you as much as you love them… you’ll never know what an amazing impact you had in their lives.

    but the stomach virus? frick… you’re a magnet for the stomach virus! i’ll never forget finding you curled up in the hallway beside the bathroom! aaaaah! no more throwing up!

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