This is a lazy day!

July 28, 2007 at 8:55 pm | Posted in Moved, Uncategorized, Updates | 4 Comments

Just some quick updates!

*I am excited to be at home for the day! We have one more week of summer left at the Boys & Girl’s Club! We made it through the summer (almost!) I am very ready for the school year.

*I am pretty sure that I am having my wisdom teeth (all 4) taken out hopefully on the 9th. I am really nervous- I have never been knocked out before.

*We keep fighting the urge to get a dog again. I think we made it through though. We are quite satisfied with our cat. We really grow to love her more and more everyday. She has been so fun here lately!!

*Netflix rocks my world!! So far I have watched: Tristen and Isolde, Dream Girls and Pride and Prejudice. The first two were ok- I LOVED Pride and Prejudice! The Scarlet Letter came in today! I have had a nitch for old literature here lately!!

*I am going to be better at blogging.

*Does anybody’s husband think it is quite hilarious to let out his AWFUL gas while riding in the close quarters of a car??? Steven was laughing so hard that he was crying the other night while my head was hanging out the window like a dog gasping for air. He will think its real funny one day when I throw up in his lap!!

*I am not jinxing anything yet but I think my face might actually be clearing up a little. I have tried: Proactive, like 3 different kinds from Walmart, Arbonne’s Anti Age line, we bought Clinique stuff and took it back and FINALLY Arbonne’s Clear Advantage line might be actually working a little!! I am still crossing my fingers!!

*Steven and Jimmie were really sweet to come to the club and hang up my new marker board at word on Friday! Thanks again!

*I have 5 more days of getting up at 5am!!! Its getting harder and harder every morning. Steven has been home all week this week and I am not kidding when I say that every morning he got up, fixed me coffee, loaded my car and saw me off to work. He is so sweet to me. I would have been late like 3 mornings if he hadn’t helped me!!

*We did Super Suppers the other night with Jamie. I am very very excited about some of the food we have in our freezer right now!!

Hope you all are doing great! Thanks for heading over to my new site. Stay with me, I shouldn’t be moving for a while 🙂



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  1. Umm…I have smelled Steven’s gas. It is unlike any other. I am really sorry 🙂 (but glad that it isn’t me!)

  2. Love the new site.

    Wisdom teeth coming out do suck – no way around that!

    We had a Super Suppers meal last night and it was great. Love it!

    I too love NETFLIX! I only don’t like it when nights like this come along and all three of our movies are in route back to netflix. Looking forward to what joins me next week – Weeds season 2 disc 1, THe office season1 disc 1, and of course another Star Trec for aaron. 🙂

    Don’t get a dog – go for a baby!

  3. Tell me more about the Super Suppers experience!

  4. Ok. You have to be my friend on Netflix. Which email do you use? Send it to me at I’ll request you to be my friend and then we can share comments about movies! Jamie and I are friends so you can join us!!! Yay for Netflix!!!

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