Tae Bo

June 12, 2007 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Have I ever told any of you how much I love tae bo? Well I do. It will kick your tale!! I have been looking for a new dvd and I went to Walmart the other day and the only one that I could find was the, “Look like a celebrity.” I resent looking like a celebrity but it was either that one or not one at all. I was cracking up because during the video he will say, “Who’s the Celebrity now? Who looks like a celebrity?” It just cracks me up. I also crack myself up by learning the new moves. I had to close the blinds the other day for fear that someone might see me. I would die if Steven saw me! I am about to start it again. Ohh its going to hurt, but I can do it!

I never went to Mammath Cave. Darn.

I laid out by the pool this afternoon for the first time this summer. Trust me I needed it. I plan on going again tomorrow.

Ginger sent me the cutest shirt in the mail. How sweet is that? I bet everyone would love a sister that does sweet things like that for you!?

I am off to camp in a couple of days. This is my one and only full camp that I am going to. I just put all my marbles on one camp this summer and I think i picked the best one! I am so so excited.

I cannot stop thinking about adoption. Everytime I see an african american little boy I get so choked up. It doesn’t help that our 6-8 year old boys at work are the CUTEST kids you have ever seen. They seemed to flock around me more than usual today. One of them drew me a picture, smiled at me, laid it on my desk and ran off. Sometimes I think God puts them up to this.

Alright- off to do Tae Bo


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