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May 28, 2007 at 1:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Well I was getting online to journal about Steven leaving tomorrow and Jamie beat me to it!! haha
We are packing. I am folding clothes for Steven and he is running around all over trying to get everything ready to head out tomorrow. I have never felt more prepared and at peace than this summer. This is summer number 3 for us. It feels good to be at a good place spiritually before heading into it. I don’t think we will have to go more than 1 week without seeing each other and we all have Jimmie and Laura’s wedding to look forward to at the end of all the camps! I get the blessing of going one looonnng week in June with the guys to Giddings Texas with our wonderful friends Matt and Rachel. I am soo looking forward to staying up late and having girl time. I absolutely feel so blessed to live this life. I would not trade my husbands job for anything in this world. Even with the bad days. I love it. It is only by God’s love in our lives that it continues to work out better than expected every summer.

Steven worked hard on the house this week and I worked hard in the yard. HAHA funny huh? He made several home improvements and I am so excited about them. We now have a fan in our bedroom and a new Starbucks looking light in our kitchen instead of that huge, ugly candle thing. He also spray painted the blades on our fan in the living room and bought new globes for the lights. We have switched all of our light bulbs to the curly ones (energy saving lights) haha. We are a little greener 🙂

This is a cute pic from Chad and Steph’s wedding of us. Maybe one of my favorites we have taken. We had a wonderful weekend at the wedding! It was a blast and we are looking forward to seeing those crazy kids tomorrow. They will have the glow I bet!

Thanks to Memorial Day for a much needed day off! I get to go to Chattanooga tomorrow with the guys and spend the night. I am really excited! Everyone have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. What a great picture! Tell Steven to have a blast! We will be praying for the band! We love you guys!

  2. i love the picture too! i’m so glad that you’re coming to sagemont camp!! it’s going to be so fun! love you friend & we’ll be praying for you guys!

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