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I know that I am a little late here but I guess its better to be late than never right?
I need to first of all say that I am extrememly encouraged by my friends. I have listened (read) about my sweet friends, Lacey, Ginger, and Jamie practicing Lent this season and their sacrifices have encouraged me to investigate further. I had never really heard about Lent before except during a history class in highschool. This crazy teacher we had always talked about it but its been so long ago. Through my friends telling of their sacrifices, I had become a little jealous. I have hit a wall here lately with myself. I was doing so well working out almost everyday and spending time with God, and praying with Steven in the mornings. My house was really clean there for a while and I was working really hard. I honestly don’t know what happened but now my house is a wreck, I watch TV all the time and I feel fat from not working out and eating. You know how you can just hit a slump in your life and just hate who you have become? Well that is me now. So what could be a better time for Lent?
Well I have thought about it a lot. I really feel as if I will benefit from my sacrifices. These are things that distract me from self examination. I dont have to think or feel when I absorb myself in these. These couple things, sadly enough, take up most of my time and I would love to experience some time with out them. So here it goes. This is what I am giving up.

1. I am limiting myself to 2 shows. No other TV.
2. I am only checking my email and blogging. (or researching)
3. I am giving up sweets. They are a comfort food for me.

I might add one more later. I need to still think so more.
Its funny as I read other people’s sacrifices they sound so similar to mine. I guess we all have things we run to to distract us. These are HUGE things in my life. TV, internet and certain foods. This really will be a sacrifice but I am exstatic to reflect upon the true sacrifice that Christ has made for us. I am excited to deny myself and see how addicted I have become to these things. I want God to do something huge in my life! I want to change! I want to know what is under there when the numbness wears off.
Thank you Lacey, Ginger and Jamie for pushing me through your lives!


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